Food Network Star Sandra Lee’s Tips To Spice Up Your Super Bowl Sunday Spread

Sure, Super Bowl Sunday might be all about the pigskin, but it’s definitely about the snacks, too. So if you have guests showing up looking for tasty treats, you’re going to have to make sure that your spread is a total touchdown. Take your meal to the next level for the big game day if you’re tailgating with these tips from Food Network star Sandra Lee.

Make It (Almost) Healthy

Let’s be honest. Football food isn’t the most friendly for your health. Still, there are ways to prep and serve the foods everyone is craving without insane amounts of calories. Says Lee: “Make a portable burrito healthy by adding fresh ingredients like cilantro and diced chicken to tasty Ortega Whole Wheat Tortillas and Fat Free Refried Beans.”

Diversify Your Dishes

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the day when you go subtle on flavor. Lee suggests adding a little chipotle seasoning or jalapeño & onion seasoning to chili for a bold, tailor-made flavor.

Tailgate With Flair

Cheddar or American cheese might be a classic topping for burgers, but that can be so boring. Says Lee: “Top burgers with guacamole dip and Monterey Jack cheese for a rich and filling meal that will leave you wanting more.”

Whip Up A Simple Sauce

Dips are definitely a big part of any Super Bowl Sunday party food. But you’ll make guests want to skip the store-bought salsa when you whip up your own dipping sauce that (woot) only has two ingredients. “Stir together sour cream and a little taco sauce for a sophisticated sauce with a little zing,” says Lee.

Think Outside The Jar

Fajita seasoning is your friend, people. Don’t think that you have to sprinkle it on a sizzling platter of chicken or beef fajitas, though. “Spice up anything from shrimp to eggs with fajita seasoning – a pinch goes a long way!” says Lee.

Make Your Drinks Worthy Of That Halftime Show

Add a kick to drinks by seasoning the rim with chipotle seasoning. “Have fun with it,” suggests Lee. “Try mixing with beer, lime juice and other spices to create a homemade Michelada.”

On Super Bowl Sunday, make sure that your food is as fun as the game itself. And with these tips from Sandra Lee, everyone will have a great time, regardless of which team wins.


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