OmieBox Is Bringing New Life To Bento Boxes

By now, you’ve probably seen bento box lunches. With their ability to make art out of a simple meal, bento boxes are total parenting lunch goals. But the reality is that there’s very little time to create these culinary masterpieces. The OmieBox can make you look like a bento box expert—even if you can only slap together a sandwich.

OmieBox is an award-winning bento box for kids. It stores both hot and cold food together, thanks to temperature zones that keep food separate. In fact, it can keep hot food warm for up to four hours, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. So that chicken rice soup will still be nice and warm when your child eats it at lunchtime.

Here’s the stuff that moms want to know: the OmieBox is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and totally durable. Because if you’re still using brown paper bags for your kid’s cold lunch, you know that it’s probably going to get smashed by lunchtime. It also ensures that your kiddo’s food won’t get mushy (because there’s really nothing worse than a soggy sammie).

And the OmieBox can also be beneficial for parents who find packing lunches to be a challenge. After all, some kiddos don’t want their food to touch, and with its sturdy compartments, you don’t ever have to worry about your child’s carrots coming into contact with her cookies if she doesn’t want them to.

The OmieBox from OmieLife will give life back to your child’s lunchtime—and make mealtime that much easier.

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