Take Your Kids To: S’MAC in New York City For Some Crazy Good Mac ‘n Cheese

S’MAC is so good you’ll literally want to smack your momma…if she tries to steal a bite of this mac ‘n cheese! This bustling East Village eatery serves — what else —macaroni and cheese! Former engineers and self-professed foodies Sarita and Caesar Ekya opened S’MAC (short for Sarita’s Mac and Cheese) in June 2006 to an overwhelming response. As one pint-sized patron pointed out, “It’s like walking into a bowl of macaroni and cheese!”

S’MAC offers the most delicious mac ‘n cheese in a variety of flavors. For picky eaters, the All-American and 4 Cheese are comfort food at its finest. For more adventurous types, the Parisienne, Cajun, Buffalo Chicken (and many more varieties) are truly decadent. When Celebrity Parents visited S’MAC recently, we had the sampler, and we were amazed that no two flavors of mac ‘n cheese tasted alike! (Our favorite was the Napoletana!) The mac ‘n cheese is served bubbling hot in cute little pans, and S’MAC offers regular, multi-grain and gluten free elbow macaroni. The yummy fare, combined with the cool décor, make S’MAC a must go-to place for you and your little ones.

While S’MAC doesn’t take reservations, you should be prepared for a wait if you go. After all, it’s the only restaurant in NYC that exclusively serves up Mac ‘n cheese. And as a result, it’s super busy at any time of day or night. Parents come in with strollers looking for a simple yet delicious lunch for their kids, and couples come in during later hours as a fun food date night.

So the next time you need a quick Mac ‘n cheese fix, or it’s the witching hour and you need dinner on the table fast for your kids, S’MAC offers a wide variety of cheesy good choices that are sure to please any palate.

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