The Non-Alcoholic Jelly Beans From Jelly Belly Are A Sweet (And Safe) Way To Ring In The New Year

New Year’s is one of the few holidays that you can’t really include your kids in. After all, the main event is usually drinking, and unless your kids are toasting with fake champagne, they can feel kind of left out. But the non-alcoholic jelly beans from Jelly Belly are a festive and fun way to spend New Year’s Eve—together.

Step aside, cotton candy. You can toast to the New Year with a wide variety of jelly beans from Jelly Belly, all with the flavors you might expect to taste. For starters, you can pretend to create cool cocktails with the Cocktail Classics jelly beans ($7.99). The Cocktail Classics includes five flavors: Mojito, Peach Bellini, Piña Colada, Pomegranate Cosmo, and Strawberry Daiquiri. Jelly Belly bean mixologists blended the finest ingredients to come up with these fun flavors that taste just like the real thing—sans hangover.

But if bubbly is what you’re after, you can always ring in the New Year with the Champagne Jelly Beans ($15.99). They come in a mini plastic champagne bottle to add to the festivities. And woot, they have an iridescent finish to make them look just like real champagne. If wine is your spirit of choice, Rosé Jelly Beans ($15.99) will add to the elegance of your New Year’s affair. Just like the champagne jelly beans, the dry and sweet Rosé Jelly Beans are also iridescent and come in mini bottles for a sophisticated soiree.

And for beer drinkers, they’ll be happy to sample a taste of a freshly poured draft beer with the Draft Beer Beans ($4.99). To add to the authenticity, the jelly beer jeans come in a bag—and a can, too! You’ll feel like cracking open a cold one after chewing on the beer beans.

If you’ve done enough drinking during 2020, you might be looking for way to ring in the New Year. So you can welcome 2021 (and a Dry January), the non-alcoholic jelly beans from Jelly Belly with a sweet (and safe) treat.


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