These Easy Easter Food Crafts To Do With Your Kids That Are So Cute, It’s Not Even Bunny

Maybe it’s the scent of spring in the air (or all those adorable chocolate eggs that are everywhere), but after months of dealing with dreary wintery days, there’s a definite excitement about Easter’s arrival. And what better way to embrace this new season than with making something egg-stra yummy? You guessed it; we’re talking about desserts, and these easy Easter food crafts are a delicious way to spend time with your little chicks.

What’s cute about these crafts is that they’re kid-friendly (read: they’re hard to mess up). They require a handful of ingredients, minimal prep/baking time, and are colorful enough to keep your kiddos captivated. Plus, if you’re one of those parents who prefers that their kid stays clear of the kitchen (because, well, mess), these easy Easter food crafts won’t clutter your countertops with too many measuring cups. And you can also make these treats ahead of time so that they’re ready for the big day.

The best part: they’re simple enough to do with kids of all ages. So get ready to be up to your ears in all things bunnies and chicks as you craft your way to becoming The Cool Parent when you make these easy Easter food crafts with your kids.

Easter Pretzels

If you like your dessert to be both sweet and salty, Easter pretzels are it. This easy Easter food craft can be done in under 10 minutes. You’ll need one package of melting chocolates, which you can melt in either a double boiler or microwave. Once it’s cooled slightly, let your little one carefully dunk the chocolate, shaking off the excess, and place the pretzel on a plate or platter. Before the chocolate sets, place a pastel M&M in the center for a dessert that looks like a spring daisy.

Bunny Butt Cake

What would Easter be without bunnies? That’s what makes this Bunny Butt Cake too cute for words. You can bake the cake from scratch, or if you’re looking to save time, a box mix will be a total timesaver.

Once you’ve prepared the batter, separate it equally, and then spoon out enough batter from each portion to create two additional cupcakes. Bake the cakes in two 8-inch round pans and the cupcakes in a cupcake tin. When cooled, stack the two cakes on top of each other, adding frosting in between the layers. Remove the wrappers from your cupcakes. Your child can frost the entire outside of the cake — and don’t worry about making it smooth, since it should resemble the bunny’s fur.

Remove the wrappers from the two cupcakes and attach them with frosting to the front of the cake. Once you’ve frosted the cupcakes, take a piece of pink cotton candy and attach to the cake to form the bunny’s tail. Use two pink melting chocolates to create the padding on your bunny’s feet, and add tiny rounded pieces of cotton candy to form the “toes.”

Easter Deviled Eggs

An Easter app that everyone will love are these Easter deviled eggs. You can use any recipe to create the eggs (although Dijon mustard and paprika tend to be crowd favorites). What makes these deviled eggs egg-stra special is their cute coloring. Once your eggs are boiled and have cooled, peel them and slice them in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and reserve in a separate bowl. Add red, blue, and green food coloring (or any color you have on hand) into separate bowls and place the egg halves into the bowls. Remove them when they’ve reached the desired hues. Place on a plate lined with paper towels and let dry.

Mash the yolks and add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and the condiments of your choice. Spoon the mixture into the egg halves. Put on a platter and serve.

Peeps Racing Cars

This Easter food craft will get everyone revved up. Take a Twinkie and with a spoon, have your child scoop out a small section of the top. Place a Peep in the center of the “car” and add a dipped pretzel to serve as the steering wheel. Using frosting or melted chocolate, attach four vanilla wafers to the sides of the Twinkie that will totally look like tires. It’s an Easter treat that is sure to cross the finish line first.

Peeps Vase

Who says you can’t decorate with your Peeps? Make an edible arrangement by taking a bowl that has tall sides and filling it with jellybeans or another candy. Little hands will love it as they line the bowl with Peeps. And if you’re looking for a centerpiece that will take, ahem, center stage, you can add flowers (artificial are ideal) in the center of the arrangement. That way, your Peeps will stay perfectly fresh and won’t get droopy from those daffodils.

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Bacon makes everything better. It just does. Elevate your deviled eggs by adding bits of bacon for an Easter app that everyone will adore. Your child can help by sprinkling the bacon on top, and if you’re feeling fancy, chopped chives, too.

Peeps Drink

Sure, you could serve guests some pink punch in a plastic cup, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re feeling particularly brave, have your child pour drinks into the cups — but the fun doesn’t stop there. Taking a straw and a Peep, guide them as they place the Peep at the top of the straw as a sweet topper or push it through the straw to serve as a delicious decoration.

Rainbow Donuts

When the forecast is predicting clouds, add some sunshine to the holiday by making rainbow donuts. Your child can place two mini powdered donuts next to each other. Using rope candy, stick one end inside a donut and string a rainbow of Froot Loops in the middle. Take the other end of the rope candy and insert it into the other rainbow. This easy Easter food craft will bring sunny skies — just in time for the Easter egg hunt.

Chick Eggs

Your guests will feel particularly puckish when you serve these chick-inspired deviled Easter eggs. Boil the eggs and peel them once cooled. Depending on the age of your child, they can slice off the top of the eggs, and carefully scoop out the inside yolks.

In a separate bowl, prepare the yolks as desired for deviled eggs. Once you’ve mashed your mixture until smooth, spoon it into a gallon sized Ziplock bag. Cut the bottom corner off and let your child pipe the mixture back into the egg, filling it to the top. Then, have your child pipe a small amount on the top to form the chick’s head.

Slice small pitted black olives into sections, forming circles. Then, using the red pimento from a few green olives, cut them into small rectangles to create the chick’s beak. Your little one can then add the eyes and beak to the baby bird. Finally, place the sliced part of the egg on top of the baby bird’s head for an app that just might be too cute to eat.

Easter is a time for friends, family — and faith. But you won’t need any when you make these easy Easter food crafts because they’re fun and fairly easy to pull off. Just don’t worry if the Easter pretzels aren’t perfect, or the Bunny Butt Cake isn’t looking too hoppy. It’s about the bonding that comes from crafting together that is really something to celebrate. And worst comes to worst, you can always serve that bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs you have stashed away in the freezer.

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