12 Board Games, Toys, And Activities So Your Kids Won’t Be Bored

There’s no denying that this pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on parents. Pressure to provide stability, love, safety, reassurance, and food on the table. And entertainment. Yes, a lot of entertainment. If you feel like you just can’t play one more round of cards, or if you’re tired of playing hide and seek inside your house for the umpteenth time, you’re going to need some new material, momma. These 13 board games, toys, and activities can keep your kids busy so they won’t complain about how bored they are.

Speak & Spell

Have your child brush up on the basics of phonics, spelling, and word play with Speak & Spell. The retro electronic game has made a huge comeback, but fortunately, looks (and sounds!) exactly the same as you remember it from when your own childhood. Kids will get a kick out of spelling words and hearing the electronic voice say, “You are correct.” ($24)

Lite Brite

Your child can create the prettiest of pictures (with pegs, of course) with Lite Brite. She can either follow any one of templates or design her own images using the brightly colored pegs. From sailboats to scenic landscapes, your child will love seeing their artwork glow in day—or night. Just be sure to pick up all the pegs when they’re done so you won’t accidentally step on them. ($15)

Trolls Color Poppin’ Poppy

From the soft sparkly pink hair to her adorable outfit, Poppy is the troll that everyone wants to play with. The Trolls World Tour Color Poppin’ Poppy allows your child to sing, dance, and make music with the princess herself as she switches through the five different play modes: Paint, DJ, Music, Dance, and Games. Plus, Poppy sings (as all trolls do!) and says over 30 fun phrases to keep your own little troll totally entertained. ($30)

Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Rush

Get your child out into the great outdoors (i.e. your backyard) with the Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Rush. It’s guaranteed to blow the most bubbles, like, ever. You just pour the bubble solution into the toy, and in seconds, you’ll have a steady stream of beautiful bubbles for your kids to play in. And thankfully, the toy is super easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about your kiddos getting too messy during their bubbletastic playtime. ($20)


CAT Future Force Telehandler

If your kiddo is really into construction vehicles, they’re going to love the CAT Future Force toys. The realistic-looking vehicles sport a super sleek design and with the touch of a button, the vehicles power up with lights and sounds. The collection includes a dump truck, wheel loader, telehandler, and cement mixer. And if your child presses the button while the toys are on, they’ll make even more sounds and fun effects! ($13)

LEGO DOTS Cosmic Wonder Bracelet

If you’re looking to bring out your child’s crafty and creative side, look no further than LEGO. The LEGO DOTS bracelet will allow your child to completely customize their own jewelry that comes complete with an adjustable wrist band and 32 colorful tiles, such as shooting stars, planets, and so much more. Your child can keep creating a completely new look for their bracelet, giving them hours of creative playtime. ($5)

Utter Nonsense

For a game that brings out everyone’s silly side, there’s nothing better than Utter Nonsense. This game, which combines absurd accents with funny phrases to come up with the craziest of sayings, is meant for ages eight and up, and can have between 4-20 players. Kids will love creating silly sayings—and parents will have a blast spending quality time with their kiddos. ($25)

Relative Insanity: See What I Mean?!

In this game, players will look at photos and try to caption them. Seems simple enough, except that the photos are strange, silly, funny, and sometimes, um, a little awkward. With the roll of the die, you’ll have to figure out if you’re going to have to use a Punchline, What Happened Next, or What Would Granny Say? This game, with captions written by Jeff Foxworthy, will give you a lot of belly laughs and reassure you that everyone’s families are as crazy as yours. ($20)

5-Second Rule

Okay, name three types of cats. Seems simple enough, right? In Ellen DeGeneres’ game, 5-Second Rule, you’ll pick a card, read the topic, and then start the timer. In five seconds flat, you have to name three things that match the topic. Watch as players yell, shout, get tongue-tied—and totally insane and nonsensical answers come flying out of their mouths. ($20)

Greedy Granny

Sneaking some snacks has never been more fun than when you’re playing Greedy Granny. Kids will try to take treats from Granny’s tray while she’s snoozing, but with a push of the button, they just might wake her up—and send her teeth flying. Although it might be more fun to swipe a snack from her, your kids will laugh even harder when Granny’s dentures take a, um, departure from her mouth. ($20)

Jumping Jack

If your kids love the Banana Joe game, they’re going to be so hoppy (get it?) with the Jumping Jack game. The premise is similar: try to take the carrots away from Jumping Jack, but be careful—you never know which one will cause him to hop up into the air. It’s an adorable game of chance where kids can boost their counting skills while also improving their hand-eye coordination. ($27)

Dragon’s Snacks

What has that little dragon been eating? Wave your hand over the dragon’s tummy to see what treasures (and treats) are inside. You can try to take the treats back—but only if the dragon doesn’t roar right when you’re about to do it. This game, meant for the preschool set, helps little ones learn about colors and improve their memory skills. ($16)

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