Here’s What Those Teal Colored Pumpkins Really Mean On Halloween

When it comes to pumpkins, they’re typically your standard orange-issued affair. But as you cruise the candy aisle in preparation for all those little ghouls and goblins who will be coming to your door on Halloween, you might have spied those teal colored pumpkins and wondered what they really mean. Is teal the new orange? Well, for kids with food allergies, it is.

Halloween can be all tricks (and no treats) when you have food allergies. All the candy that we know and love is often processed in facilities that have peanut—or the candy itself has food allergens (think tree nuts, dairy, egg, etc), that kids can’t have. So imagine walking all the way up to a door on Halloween only to discover that the candy is something you can’t consume. And then repeat that same scenario over and over again. It’s enough to make even Frankenstein shed a tear or two.

And that’s where those teal-colored pumpkins come into play. By putting one outside your door, you’re alerting any allergic dinosaur or Vampirina that your house is handing out treats that are safe for them. If you’re unsure what is (or isn’t) on the approved list, look at these ideas for non-food items that will creep out any kiddo.

Spooky Stickers

Affordable when bought in bulk, you can hand out a bunch of Halloween-themed stickers that any kid would love.

Petrifying Pencils

Now kids can write their own horrifying Halloween tales with the pencils you pass out on October 31.

Frightening Fangs

What would Dracula be without his fangs? In case he lost his going from house to house, give Drac a treat that he can sink his teeth into.

Garish Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a great way to celebrate Halloween and keep kids safe, too. When that beautiful little ballerina puts on a glowing necklace or bracelet, she’ll shine brightly on Halloween—and allow her mom to keep a better eye on her, too.

Haunting Halloween Jewelry

Creepy crawly spiders are just what the doctor ordered—on Halloween, that is. Little plastic spider rings and other jewelry is not only a great way for kids to embellish their outfits, but provide them with a treat that they’ll get to enjoy way past October 31.

Of course, you can always hand out tasty treats on Halloween, but don’t forget about kids with allergies. So show that all witches are welcome on Halloween and get a teal pumpkin. It’ll make your house the scariest one on the block—and the one that all the kids clamor to go to.

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