LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat 2022 Is Bootastic For Adults & Kids

For parents, there’s almost nothing scarier than stepping on a lonesome LEGO brick with your bare feet. But be prepared for something more spooktacular when you head to Legoland for the Brick-or-Treat Presents Monster Party. The annual event is full of candy, shows, creepily cool characters, and so much more. You’ll find that there’s so much to see and boo that you’ll all have a howlingly good time.

Running each weekend starting on September 24, LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Presents Monster Party is fun for families with kids of all ages. From the moment that you arrive at the entrance to the park, you’ll immediately be greeted by monster footprints daring you to enter the park, bigger than life-sized pumpkins, and witches waiting to greet you — and all constructed from LEGOs. In fact, the LEGO pumpkin is wheelchair-accessible so that all guests can enjoy it.

LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat Décor

And speaking of décor, there’s not a single inch of LEGOLAND that’s not covered in cobwebs. There are pretty pumpkins perched on top of bales of hay, tombstones on the grass, and Halloween-inspired LEGO characters everywhere. Be prepared: you’ll be stopping every few feet to get your kids to pose for a pic at another new (and awesome) photo opp.

LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat Shows

Broadway-esque shows abound during Brick-Or-Treat. You’ll want to catch “Candy-Coated Curse” at LEGOLAND Theater, an outdoor extravaganza that focuses on some trick-or-treaters who wind up knocking on the wrong door. Through teamwork (and some sweet treats), they have to sing and dance their way to escape the candy-coated curse.

But there’s no time to waste because the party is just getting started. Exclusively for V.I.M.’s (that’s Very Important Monsters), kids can break out their devilishly good dance moves with Lord Vampyre. You can even get up close and personal with the themed character for pics after the show. You won’t have to worry about things getting out of control, though, because Monster Security is always on the scene to keep things safe and sound for families (and pose for photos, too).

Your kiddo is going to have to burn off all treats they’ve been eating along the way somehow, and there’s no better way than by jamming out with Monster Rocker. You pick the music you’ll rock out to and then you get your own private dance party (for about a minute or two), before posing for pics.

LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat Activities

There’s nothing like a good ol’ corn maze during this time of year, and The Wicked Hedge Maze at the LEGO Friends Nature Trail doesn’t disappoint. Kids can wander and weave their way through a non-scary maze, where they’ll find awesome LEGO figures at every turn. There just might be a wacky witch and a mummy waiting at the end of the maze to greet guests — and of course, to give out more candy.

You’ll want to cheer when you enter Monster Headquarters, because the Zombie Cheerleaders are ready to rock! Kids can line up with the cheerleaders and do fun dance moves that will definitely show some spirit. And if they want to become part of the official Brick-or-Treat Official Monster Squad, they can, when they head to the Gouhlish Graveyard, an interactive show for special little monsters. Does your child have what it takes to join the squad? You’ll find out at the end of this fun 15-minute show.

Now, the Creatures of the Kingdom is one spider web that you’ll want to get entangled in. Kids can choose from a large assortment of LEGO bricks and come up with the creepiest creations they can think of. Then, their designs will be hung up in a wicked web for all to see and admire.

If you need to take a break from all that fangtastic fun, go see The Great Monster Chase 4D, an in-your-face thrill ride of a movie — literally. Don some 4D glasses but be prepared for blasts of air and some squirts of water to hit you in the face.

LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat Food

By now, your fam is probably famished. You can grab a bite to eat at a few locations within LEGOLAND, but if you’re at Brick-Or-Treat, you’ll want to score some of the dishes that the monsters themselves created. Granny’s Apple Fries at LEGO City, or the Count Burgula Burger, a 2-patty burger with pepper jack cheese, crispy onions, fry sauce and pickles.

LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat Candy Trail Trick-Or-Treating

A Halloween-themed event wouldn’t be the same without some sweets. And at Legoland, you’ll get to trick-or-treat on the Candy Trail as you make your way through the park. There are six themed stations where your child will get to trick-or-treat. Candy of all kinds is giving out by the handfuls (yes, handfuls), and by the time you’re ready to head home, your kid’s goodie bag will be filled with more candy than you’ll care for them to have.

Brick-Or-Treat is an entirely new and eerily exciting way to enjoy LEGOLAND. So be sure to put your kiddos in costumes and have a bootastic time with LEGOs that doesn’t involve stepping on or tripping over them.

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