Lowe’s Is Having A 75% Off Halloween Sale, So Get On Your Broom And Fly There Now

You thought that you were done decorating for Halloween weeks ago. You put out the obligatory pumpkins and gourds, along with seasonal mums and kid-friendly monsters. And then your neighbor next door goes and outfits his home with the most amazing Halloween display. And now you look like all you put out was a paltry pumpkin. But if you thought your display was dead, think again. You can dazzle the trick-or-treaters (and be the envy of your neighborhood) with all of the Halloween items you’ll find at Lowe’s, which is having a 75% off sale on all Halloween and Harvest décor.

From yard inflatables to faux pumpkins, skeletons that are sure to scare all those who dare to knock on your door, there’s something for everyone. But since Halloween is only a few days away, you’ll need to get on your broom now and fly on over to Lowe’s to take advantage of these major sales. The selection will vary depending on what store you go to, and items are only available while supplies last. But you can definitely still score some spooktacular Halloween items that will leave your neighbors dead with envy.

Disney Lighted Jack Skellington Halloween Inflatable

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will drop dead from delight at this Disney Jack Skellington Halloween Inflatable. At a whopping 6.49 feet tall, it’s an impressive display, and will welcome any and all little goblins who come to your door. ($25)

Holiday Living Dc Jack-o-lantern Pre-Lit Musical with Twinkling Multicolor LED Lights

Let’s face it: jack-o-lanterns are just meant to be scary. And this Holiday Living Dc jack-o-Lantern Pre-Lit Musical one is sure to send shivers down your spine. Plus, it makes scary sounds to give everyone a good fright. ($9)

Holiday Living Monster Pumpkin Stand

If you’re looking for a new way to display pumpkins, the Holiday Living Monster Pumpkin Stand will definitely do the trick. Use indoor or outdoor for a truly terrifying (and adorable) display. ($4)

Design Toscano Vampire Bats Of Castle Barbarosa Bat Sculpture

So creepy they’re cool. These Vampire bats of Castle Barbarosa Bat Sculpture from Design Toscano are creepily lifelike. They’d make a perfect addition to any ghoulish graveyard or dastardly display that you’re planning for Halloween. ($17)

HARVEST Painted Cream Polyurethene Craft Pumpkin

Opt for a non-orange pumpkin with this creamy craft pumpkin from Harvest. It will go beautifully with your autumnal décor, and would pair well with other gourds, candles, and leaves for a more sophisticated look. ($10)

Gemmy Universal 3.5-ft Lighted Minion Halloween Inflatable

There’s nothing like a Minion to let you know that Halloween is right around the corner. And this 3.5 foot Lighted Minion Halloween Inflatable is super cute for the preschool set. Wearing a cape and a witch’s hat, this Minion isn’t menacing at all. ($8)

Holiday Living Animated Skull Telephone

When things go bump in the night, who you gonna call? Well, with this Animated Skull Telephone, you’ll probably want a Ghostbuster — that is, if you’re not afraid to use it. The phone rings like a real phone, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to answer it. ($6)

Disney Pixar Pumpkin Push-Ins

Your kid isn’t cut out for carving? Design a marvelous Minnie Mouse-inspired pumpkin with these Disney Pixar Pumpkin Push-Ins. Just push the pieces into the pumpkin, and voila — your decorating is all done. ($4)


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