These Lush Halloween Products Are The Ultimate In Self-Scare

The kids might be back in class, but that doesn’t mean that life has gotten any easier. With demanding sports and school schedules, (and all those afterschool activities), you might be running ragged trying to balance it all again. That’s why everyone in your home needs to practice some serious self-scare with these ghoulishly good Lush Halloween products.

While the Lush Halloween collection is cute and creepily cool, there are still plenty of products that parents are going to find spooktacular. For starters, you might want to shower with a scary spider (that also just happens to be a shower jelly), or a bath bomb that leaves the tub water looking like your favorite wine. And you’ll swear that the kiddos are calling you when you use the I Want My Mummy Bath Bomb.

And speaking of your kids, bath time will be a blast (literally) when they use a bath bomb shaped like a UFO. Or they might love a pumpkin bath bomb that is truly the prettiest one in the patch.

So instead of speeding through tub time, have some fangtastic fun when you use the Lush Halloween collection that is all treats — and that’s no trick.

Tarantula Shower Jelly

Normally, seeing a spider in your shower would send shivers down your spine. But not this adorably jiggly spider one from Lush. With a fruity cherry almond scent, the activated charcoal component cleanses your skin, which will stay soft, thanks to carrageenan extract. And if the citrusy scent weren’t enough, if you hold the spider under the light of your bathroom, you’ll spy tons of rainbow glittery goodness. This is definitely one spider you won’t want to squish.

Ghostie Bath Bomb

Sure, it might look like an assuming ghost, but there’s more to this bath bomb than meets the eye. Once Ghostie hits the water, it shows its true spirit (ha). Because underneath the white façade lurks a rainbow of swirling colors that will turn your bath water into something beautiful. Not only does the Ghostie Bath Bomb zoom through the water (thanks to popping candy), but the wafting scent of lemongrass, lemon, and lime oils will leave you feeling fresh and reinvigorated.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Your kid already thinks they’re king (or queen) of the castle. So let them reign over bath time when you drop the Lord of Misrule bath bomb into the tub. But don’t let the green exterior fool ya. Once the crown comes off, it will create wine-colored water that might make you think fondly of your cabernet sauvignon. Just be sure to soak up the scents, since this bath bomb is peppered with black pepper oil and dark patchouli to create an earthy experience.

Scream Bath Bomb

The iconic image from the movie Scream is back — as a bath bomb. Thing is, you won’t want to run away from Screamo. This sweetly-scented bomb has ylang ylang oil for some flirty floral fun and almond oil will let everyone know what you did last night. It even has corn starch to help soften your skin. But the Scream-inspired bath bomb only truly reveals itself when placed in water for a visually stunning (and scream-worthy) moment.

I Want My Mummy Bath Bomb

For the times when your child says, “I want Mommy”, this is the bath bomb to break out come bath time. Lovely for little hands to hold and play with, this is one mummy you might not want to unwrap right away. But when you do, you’ll be met by tapioca starch and cupuaçu butter, both of which soften and moisturize your skin. It’ll totally turn your bath water (and your skin) into a luxuriously soft, creamy, honey caramel-scented wonder.

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Move over, PSL. There’s a new pumpkin spice latte that’s taking over tub time, and it’s the Punkin Pumpkin. The joyful jack-o-lantern is smiling because it knows you’re going to have a gourd of a good time once you plunk that pumpkin bath bomb into your tub. After all, the citrusy (and spicy) scents of cinnamon leaf oil and lime oil are just as bright as the bath bomb is. It’s perfect to use after a day of pumpkin picking at your local patch.

Alien Bubble Bar

Get ready for close-up encounters of the bubble bar kind. Alien will make you want to blast right into outer space, thanks to its crisp, bright notes of bergamot oil and litsea cubeba oil. For an out-of-this-world experience, place Alien under running water to see a bounty of bubbles that will soften your skin. You’ll definitely glow when you submerge yourself into the neon-colored waters.

Bat Art Bath Bomb

Your kids will go absolutely batty for this beautifully sparkly bath bomb. It has notes of green mandarin, rosemary and sage oils, along with the zest of Sicilian lemon. But one dip into the tub and watch the water transform into a whirlpool of black, blue, pink, and purple hues. The citrusy herbal scent will invigorate your senses while the rich darkness of the water will transport you to another place in time.

UFO Bath Bomb

Is there life on other planets? Possibly, especially if you believe that this utterly cute UFO bath bomb blasted its way right to your tub. But this is no ordinary bath bomb; it’s interactive, too. Once the UFO has safely landed in the water, open the top to reveal neon salt crystals and popping candy that you can sprinkle for an extra-terrestrial good time. The bath bomb has notes of blackcurrant and lemongrass for oodles of identifiable fun.

Labyrinth Bubble Bar

Labyrinths on their own aren’t necessarily spooky — unless, of course, you’re in The Shining and struggling to find your way out of the snowy maze. But you won’t have to worry about creepy kiddos standing in hallways when you slather yourself with the fragrant bubbles from the Labyrinth Bubble Bar. The dark Sumatran patchouli oil, vanilla, and black pepper oil combine to create a calming effect.

Bigfoot Bath Bomb

The urban legend of Bigfoot is alive and well when you use this Bigfoot Bath Bomb. But instead of a big hairy beast, your kiddos will find a pink and blue bath bomb that totes just three toes. And if you ever wondered what Bigfoot smells like, well, this one has lime and coconut milk that will not only make skin soft and citrus-scented, but make their achy muscles feel so much better.

Ghost in the Dark Soap

You won’t get ghosted when you suds up with the Ghost in the Dark Soap. Why? In addition to being the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand, this ghost glows in the dark! The fresh and fruity scent of the soap comes, in part, from the fair-trade organic cocoa butter (which softens skin), and both bergamot oil and lemongrass oil. Dirt will certainly be spooked when your kid uses the soap to scare away any germs.

Make bathtime bootiful with these Lush Halloween products that make getting clean so incredibly creepy.

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