10 Free Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letters To Make Saying Goodbye Easier

Whether you’ve loved or loathed coming up with crazy scenarios for your Elf on the Shelf to be in, the day will come when your elf has to make their way back to the North Pole (December 24, to be exact). And since your child is probably pretty attached to their elf, you can’t exactly expect them to do an Irish exit and leave without saying goodbye (because that can be pretty traumatic to your tot). So to give them the proper sendoff, you can print out any of these free Elf on the Shelf goodbye letters, which can make parting ways that much simpler.

Because if you think about it, your Elf on the Shelf has become a part of the family. They’re not just there to ensure that your child is nice (and not naughty), but they’ve most likely become an integral addition to your morning routine in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. Remember, your child has eagerly anticipated where they’ll find their elf in the morning and wondered what they do all day. To just stick your elf back in their box (and ack, up into the attic) without so much as a word goodbye can be so incredibly sad for your little sweetie. To ease some of the separation sadness, a sweet letter telling your child how much they’re going to be missed will make it so much easier.

And these letters will remind your child how much they’re loved not just by your elf, but you, too.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter for siblings

This gentle goodbye letter form Homemade Gifts Made Easy is perfect for more than one child. It helps your child to remember all the good times they’ve had with their elf while promising to see them again next year.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter that allows hugs

One of the cardinal rules about Elf on the Shelf is that you can’t touch them or else they’ll lose their Christmas magic. Well, in this goodbye letter from A Worthy Read, a goodbye hug is not only allowed — but asked for. But your child shouldn’t be sad, since in the blink of an eye, their elf will be back; all they need to do is look for magic and reindeer in the sky.

A delicious Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter

When you want to keep it short and sweet, you can print out this free Donut Departure letter from I Think We Could Be Friends. Bonus points if you serve up some doughnuts with the letter so that parting is, indeed such sweet sorrow.

A brick-tastic Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter

For the little LEGO lover in your home, you can’t build a better goodbye letter than this one from I Think We Could Be Friends. While their elf is away at the North Pole, your child can make some cool creations that they can show off to their elf upon their return.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter from the actual Elf on the Shelf

For kids, there’s nothing like getting an official letter in the mail. And this goodbye letter from the Elf on the Shelf is as legit as it gets. You can customize it so that it serves as a keepsake for your kiddo until their elf can return next year.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter that explains why they’re leaving

After spending so much time together getting into silly shenanigans (and bonding together), your child might wonder why their elf has to leave so abruptly. Make Life Lovely explains it in their goodbye letter — your elf has to return to the North Pole to help Santa out. The sweet imagery in this letter is ideal for younger children and can help them understand why their dear elf needs to depart.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter for older kids

If you have an older child who still believes in Mr. C., this emoji-filled goodbye letter is a total thumbs up. It lets your child know that their elf is sad to go, but also encourages future conversations upon their return.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter that encourages kindness

When your elf leaves, your child might feel sad. But this goodbye letter from Paper Heart Family wants them to turn that frown upside down and do good instead. For example, they can help around the house by doing chores (hey, mopping floors wouldn’t be so bad) and just listening to you once in a while wouldn’t hurt, either.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter for younger children

Your child’s elf feels just as badly about leaving as you do. So give your child this goodbye letter from Home Faith Family that is meant to make them feel better. After all, Christmas will be here again before you know it, and your elf can’t wait to be reunited, either.

An Elf on the Shelf goodbye letter that’s full of love

All of the hearts on this goodbye letter from Everyday Shortcuts should tell you how loved your child is — and how missed they’ll be. This letter is ideal to give to your child on December 24, when your elf is supposed to give their final report to Santa and head back to the North Pole, but not before first wishing your child a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a friend, and that’s what the Elf on the Shelf can feel like. These goodbye letters can make the transition easier for your child and help them hold onto the magic (and beautiful) memories they made with their elf.

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