15 Father’s Day Gifts That Are ~Not~ A Tie

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means you’ll need to start shopping ASAP. But when you’re picking out a present for Pops, you don’t necessarily want to reach for those tried-and-true (read: clichéd) gifts that are going to go directly into a drawer and never see the light of day again. If you’re looking to purchase a gift that Dad will adore, these 15 Father’s Day gifts that are not a tie will make him feel as special as he is.

The Popcorn Factory Tins With Pop Happy Father’s Day Bow Tie

Put a little pop into Pop’s Father’s Day celebrations with The Popcorn Factory Tins With Pop Happy Father’s Day Bow Tie. It comes with three flavors of popcorn (think butter, cheese, and caramel), and a tin that Dad can use to store his stuff for later. ($30)

NetStick USB Modem

When access to WiFi is a must, the NetStick USB Modem will ensure that Dad never loses his connection. The plug-and-play device offers a secure connection no matter where he is, and offers fast WiFi almost anywhere outside the home network.


It can be hard for Dad to keep his shoes clean when kids are stepping all over them every day. Enter the Reshoevn8r, which is a shoe cleaning kit that can keep Dad’s sneaks looking like he just brought them home from the store. Plus, the kit is compact, so he can take it with him on the go, too.

House Of Dad

Dad jokes might get groans, but not the ones you’ll find on these funny (and punny) shirts from House of Dad. Whether he’s wearing a “I Used To Be Cool” shirt, or the more aptly put, “Human ATM Machine,” Dad’s sense of style will get a lot of looks—and a lot of laughs. ($22)


For the oenophile in the family, the Aervana is an ideal gift that is as luxurious as it is practical. It allows you to drink wine immediately after opening without having to wait for the wine to “open up” and breathe. You just place the Aervana on top of your wine bottle, and with the push of a button, it “pours” wine that has been perfectly aerated right into your glass. ($100)

MOON Ultralight

Listen, even Dad wants to look good in his pics with the kids, too. That’s why the MOON Ultralight can help him look amazing on camera by offering portable, adjustable lighting for his phone, tablet, or even home tech. His selfies will never be the same again—and that’s a good thing. ($50)

Rattlesnake Soap Co.

Sure, everyone in the household might be sharing the same bar of soap, but who says that Dad wants to smell like roses? Rattlesnake Soap Co. has a line of soaps that Dad will love to scrub himself with, whether it’s the Cedarwood/Cinnamon Bar Soap ($10), which smells like a modern-day Old Spice, or Tea Tree/Aloe Bar Soap ($10), which boasts only a few ingredients and has a subtle scent. All of the soaps are vegan, gluten-free, and non GMO.

VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

Give Dad a fun project to do during the quarantine by helping him convert old home movies. The VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite can take all of those old VHS, VHS-C (and even Beta!), and transform them into digital movies that the entire family can watch and share. ($70)

Nautica Pajamas Set

Lately, it might feel like everyone’s wearing PJ’s all day long—and you’re right. To give Dad some comfy pajamas that he will be proud to be seen in by the neighbors, get him this set from Nautica. It’s made from a soft jersey crew-neck tee shirt and includes a soft, lightweight flannel-knit plaid lounge pants. He’ll look stylish, whether he’s watching TV or taking out the trash. ($35)

Beast Box Value Set

Give Dad some glam that is designed just for him with the Beast Box. The personal care set contains everything he’ll want for relaxation, including peppermint lip balm, a black candle, sandpaper scrub bar, and a charcoal face mask, too. Plus, for healthy hydration, he’ll get a Beast Bottle Liter and a travel size one, too. ($149)

When Dogs Fly Book

Let’s face it: life has been super stressful lately. So let Dad color his way to relaxation with the mindful When Dogs Fly coloring book. In it, he’ll find pics of some of his favorite pooches, which he can color in to his heart’s (and mind’s) content. ($14)

The Bondaroo

Perfect for expecting and new dads, the Bondaroo shirt helps daddies bond with their babies. It allows them to have skin-to-skin bonding (which is critical after baby has been born), without having to wrestle with their shirt at the hospital. It’s made from French terry fabric and has patented seamless Velco so all he’ll have to do is focus on bonding with his baby. ($40)


When you can’t separate Dad from his grill, getting him spices to flavor his food is a must. The Derek Wolf South American Variety Pack from Spiceology is just what Dad needs to make his steaks superb. The 3-pack comes in flavors Adobo Honey (a Peruvian-inspired rub), Garlic Herb (an Argentinian-inspired rub), and Gaucho Steakhouse (a Brazilian-inspired rub). Grill time just got a whole lot more interesting—and delicious. ($64)

Boden USA Swimshorts

It’s just a day at the beach with these stylish swimshorts from Boden. They’re made from 100% polyester (fun fact: plastic bottles were used to make the shorts!), and they boast non-inflating side pockets. Just rinse in fresh water and dry after wearing them to keep the colors vibrant. ($60)

GPX BT Mini Projector

Movie nights under the stars will be a breeze with this compact movie projector from GPX. It can project movies, games, or even a photo slideshow on a screen up to 110” in size! You can adjust the picture to get a crystal clear image, and also connect your speakers for a cool surround sound effect. ($89)

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