15 Gifts For Your Pet Because Your Pooch Needs A Present Too

You’ve gotten everyone gifts for the holidays. Kids? Check. Partner? Check. The Grands? Check check. But what about your pet? Your furry best friend also deserves to see some silver and gold this season, too. If you’re stuck on what to get him, you can get any one of these 15 gifts for your pet because your pooch needs a present too.

Now, you might think that your pet is probably just happy with a treat and some time with you—and for the most part, that’s true. But it’s also important to recognize the role that your pet plays in your family’s lives, too. That’s why you should give a little gift to thank him for all that he does, whether it’s making you laugh with his crazy antics, or snuggling together on the couch and being there for a belly rub that probably is relaxing and calming for the both of you.

So if you’re looking for something functional (like a feeding bowl), something stylish (like a cashmere sweater), or even something for his safety (like a pet tracker), these 15 gifts for your pet will be a present that he’ll bark out—and make you feel happy, too.

15 Gifts For Your Pet:


gifts for pets

Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

Give your furry gal the glam she deserves with the Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan from Bespoke Paws. The beautiful Brooklyn Cashmere Cardigan ($98-$155) is made with 100% cashmere and includes 100% all leather buttons. It’s available in sizes XS-XL, and $2 from each sweater purchase goes towards homeless animals in need. Your pet definitely deserves such sophistication.

gifts for pets

Wisdom DNA Panel

You love your mixed up little mutt. But wouldn’t it be awesome to know what your pet’s origins actually are? The Wisdom Panel 4.0 is the world’s largest breed database and can easily identify over 350 dog breeds. It even offers trait analysis (which might help explain why your dog suddenly points when the doorbell rings), and can give you some much-needed guidance when it comes to your pet’s dietary and exercise needs, too. You’ll love discovering what breed(s) your dog is, and it will only make you love your woofie more.

gifts for pets

Walkee Paws

Let’s face it: your pet’s paws are probably not the cleanest, especially when they walk around outside where it’s easy to pick up bacteria, germs, and other kinds of dirt. Enter the Walkee Paws (starting at $29), which are leggings for dogs. They protect your pooch’s paws from snow, ice, salt, and other allergens which your pet might find irritating. And since they go over your pet’s body, you won’t have to worry about them falling off like booties do.

gifts for pets

Pet Stockings Enchanted Home

To ensure that Santa doesn’t forget to bring your pet a present this Christmas, you should get the pet stockings from The Enchanted Home ($25). Whether you have a pug or a pit bull, these stockings are ideal for treats and other toys that your pup might have on her wish list, and when it comes to gifts for your pet, this one is a winner.

gifts for pets

Snuggle Puppy

Storms can be scary for dogs and cats. That’s why the Snuggle Puppy from SmartPetLove ($40) is perfect for those rainy and windy nights. The behavioral aid toy can help your pet transition to a new home, aid in crate training, or simply offer comfort with its pulsing heartbeat and heat pack that can calm any dog or cat during a thunderstorm. And the stuffed doggy design is just adorbs, too.

gifts for pets

Crown and Paw Pet Portraits

You already treat your dog like royalty. So why not have a portrait that portrays him in that regal light? The Crown and Paw Pet Portraits (starting at $50) takes a photo of your pet and transforms him or her into an artistic masterpiece. Your pet can become a colonel, an admiral, an ambassador—even an astronaut. This is one portrait you’ll want to hang prominently in your home.

gifts for pets

Static Schmatic

Getting shocked by static might be, you know, shocking for your pet. The Static Schmatic for Pets ($8) is an anti-static spray that you can use to minimize the shocks that your pet might feel when you come in for a warm hug. Simply spray on a brush or comb and work it through your pet’s fur for a static-free way to start the day.

gifts for pets

DJANGO Dog Carry bag

Now you can tote your toy poodle around in style with the DJANGO Dog Carry Bag ($165). It’s made from a stylish waxed canvas that is designed to protect your pet from the elements like rain or snow. The interior is made from nylon and is also water-resistant. Plus, it has four exterior and interior zip pockets that are perfect for dog treats, poop bags, or even your keys and phone.

gifts for pets

AOTL Original Motif Treat Pouch

Having treats rolling around in your pockets can make for a messy jacket. The AOTL Original Motif Treat Pouch ($42) is a fanny pack for your furry best friend. You can easily store treats in the water-resistant pouch, and it has two zippers to make grabbing a tempting morsel for your dog even easier. Training your pup has never been so stylish.

gifts for pets

Dog Pillow Company

If you thought that your pet didn’t need a pillow, think again. The DOZY-Brown Dog Pillow with White Paws from the Dog Pillow Company ($15) is a great gift for your best boy or girl. Not only does it allow your dog to prop his head up while sleeping, but it also offers snuggly comfort during the night, too. Other doggie options are also available.


gifts for pets

Pet Plate Meal Service

If you’ve ever tried a meal service, you know how awesome they are. But what about your pet? Give your furry bestie a fresh cooked meal with the Pet Plate Meal Service. They create customized meals that are ready to eat and delivered right to your front door. Barkin’ Beef, anyone?

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Top Paw Marble Double Diner Dog Bowl

If you have marble kitchen counters, the Top Paw Marble Double Diner Dog Bowl ($33) can match your digs. It has two removable bowls for easy cleaning and serving, and its wooden legs are sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about slippage. Plus, it’ll keep your floor cleaner since the bowls will be up higher.

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Carolina Pet Personalized Sherpa Puff Ball Pet Bed

Your pet will feel like he’s sleeping on a pillow with the Carolina Pet Personalized Sherpa Puff Ball Pet Bed ($58). The Sherpa cover is (thankfully) zippered, which means you can toss it into the washing machine when your pooch decides to come into the house with muddy paws. Plus, it can be personalized with your pet’s name, so that your other pets will know not to sleep there.


gifts for pets

Whistle GO Pet Trackers

You track your kids from your phone. So why not discover what your dog is really doing during the daytime? The Whistle GO offers insight into how long the dogwalker is actually taking your pet out for (and where) as well as offering health monitoring and location alerts. You can even set fitness goals to ensure that your pet (and you) stay healthy and together for a long time.

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Huan Smart Tags

The fear of losing your pet is something that every owner worries about.But with the Huan Smart Tags (starting at $3 monthly), you’ll have thousands of people looking out for your pet—literally. The tag is connected to a nationwide network, so if your pet should (sadly) ever go missing, people can help you find your lost dog or cat simply by receiving an alert on their phone and help you bring your pet back home.

These 15 gifts for your pet will help make your pooch’s holidays merry and bright.

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