Here’s How To Make Santa Footprints For Kids At Christmas

If you thought that presents under the tree were enough proof that Santa Claus comes to your home on Christmas each year, think again. They might want more evidence that Santa truly exists, especially if they’re hearing chatter at school that it’s actually (gasp!) the parents putting out the presents. And while you could snap a shot of Santa Claus as he comes down the chimney or munching on a cookie, that could be tricky — especially if you don’t own a Santa suit. Still, you could show another sign that Santa stepped into your home… like his footprints, for example. Here’s how to make Santa footprints that will convince your kid that Mr. C. is really real.

But what are Santa footprints? They’re supposed to be the white imprints left behind on your floor from Santa’s boots. After all, it’s snowy up at the North Pole, and Santa’s boots must be covered in powdery snow. So what your child will see on Christmas morning will be a pile of presents and white footprints to look like Santa left tracks on your floor.

Now, you might be wondering, “How do you do Santa footprints?” It’s not that hard, especially if you have a pair of boots that you don’t mind getting a little messy. You can even skip the footwear and just use some white powder (like flour or cornstarch) or even paper to produce the prints.

How to make Santa footprints

You can go about making Santa footprints in a whole variety of ways, and none should take too much time. For the most authentic look, grab a pair of men’s boots and give them a slight spray of water (which will help the powder stick). Sprinkle some flour, baking powder or soda on a large plate. Dip the bottom of each boot onto the powder and then press it onto the floor. Repeat with the other boot, but be sure to place each footprint in front of each other so it actually looks like Santa was walking through your home.

If you don’t want to have powder all over the place (and your boots), you can use less of it by making an outline instead. Place the boots on the floor and sprinkle a very small amount of white powder around each boot. You’ll still have a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards, but not nearly as much as if you had dipped the boots completely in the powder.

You might like the idea of powdery footprints all over the floor. But the damage it might do to your footwear? Not so much. There are Santa footprint stencils you can get that will replicate the look of Santa’s boots without having to use your own shoes. Problem solved.

Now, you might not want to you use your baking ingredients to cook up those cute Santa footprints. For the cleanest (and possibly easiest) option, just take two pieces of paper and trace out a pair of boots. Tape them down to the floor and it’ll look like Santa Claus made his annual appearance.

Where to put Santa footprints

Ultimately, where you put Santa footprints will largely depend on you and your space. If you have a chimney, it can be cute if the footprints start there and lead to the tree, so that it really does look like Santa shimmied down the chimney. Otherwise, you can start the prints from a front or back door, or even just around the tree to keep the setup simple.

How to clean Santa footprints

You have to be prepared for a little mess when you’re making Santa Claus footprints. Hardwood or laminate floors will be easiest to clean since it will only require some easy sweeping. But if you’re dealing with rugs and carpeting, it’s best to break out the broom or even a vacuum so that you can get your floors clean again.

If you want to make it look like Santa visited, the proof is in the proverbial (figgy) pudding. Santa footprints are an easy, fun, and special way to make the holiday even sweeter. Just be prepared for a quick cleanup after your child opens their presents, and you’ll keep the magic going for another year.

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