10 Guest Room Ideas To Make Everyone Feel Right At Home

Family and friends are what the holidays are all about. And at this time of year, you might be preparing for an influx of visiting family members and out of town guests. Although you may have thought of all the trimmings when it comes to your guests’ favorite foods, you might not have given much mind to their actual accommodations. That’s where thinking about your guest room becomes an important part of the holiday planning

Sometimes, the guest room becomes an afterthought during this time of year. Which makes sense, since other areas of the house, such as the kitchen and the family room, tend to take center stage. But giving your loved ones a warm and welcoming place to stay will make for even greater memories. So spruce up your space with these guest room makeover ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Be Mindful  

Your guests will need a place to plug in. Make sure that there’s a power outlet where your guest can charge their phone, iPad, laptop, or other electronic devices. Offer a nightlight so that guests who need to get up in the middle of the night can move around without tripping. Also, an alarm clock can be an added touch if your guest needs to get up early.

  1. Invest In Sleep

Lumpy and bumpy do not a good night’s rest make. If you had to sleep on your guest bed’s mattress, would you be comfortable after a night or two? If you don’t have the budget for a higher end mattress, invest in a quality mattress topper. These can be purchased at most department stores, and can make a world of difference in the quality of sleep your guests get each night. Make the bed more inviting by dressing it with a higher thread count sheet set and plush, fluffy bedding and pillows.

  1. Boost The Bathroom

Make your bathroom go beyond a toilet, sink, and tub by outfitting it with everything that your guest might need. Start by putting an extra toothbrush in your guest bathroom, as well as added perks like air freshener, a spare comb or brush, and of course, extra plush towels and wash cloths. Don’t forget to ask your guests what their favorite shampoos or soaps are, and stock accordingly!

  1. Offer Entertainment

Some people like to watch a little TV to unwind before bedtime. Be sure to provide a television and a program schedule in your guest room, if possible. And if your guest likes a little light reading before lights out, be sure to provide some of their favorite magazines. Buy a few used copies of your favorite books as well, so if your guests get hooked while reading, you can easily part with them.

  1. Eliminate Annoyances  

Go through your guest room and find things that could possibly prevent your guest from having a good time. For example, take out that ticking clock and replace it with a digital one instead. Oil any squeaky door hinges, and fix the dripping faucet in the guest’s bathroom. Make sure you have drapes or blinds over the windows both for privacy and to prevent that pesky early morning light from filtering in on your sleeping guests

  1. Make Space

Of course, you don’t want your guest to be living out of his suitcase. So be sure to have plenty of empty hangers in the closet, so that he can hang up his clothes. You might even want to offer an empty drawer or two in a chest of drawers for smaller items.

7. Factor In Four-Legged Friends

Sometimes, your gust will bring a plus one with them—who just happens to have four legs. That’s why you need to make sure you have accommodations ready for your guest and their pet, too. Be sure to have a bed ready (even some comforters set up nicely on the floor will do), and bowls set out for fresh water and food. Hey, you might even want to leave a treat out to welcome their woofie as well.

8. Light It Up

Go into your guest room and look around. Is the lighting sufficient—or will your guest be squinting to see? If your lighting situation is a little lackluster, why not invest in a table lamp or two? A properly placed lamp can add some much-needed illumination and also make your room more charming.

9. Write Down The WiFi

Eliminate the need for your guest to immediately ask you what your WiFi password is. In the guest room, you can print out all the information they’ll need during your stay (names of restaurants, for example), and also the WiFi password. You might even want to frame it (Etsy has some great WiFi password signs) and place it by your guest’s bedside so they have it when they need it.

10. Invest in Flowers

By far, flowers are the easiest (and prettiest) way to welcome any visitor. Select a vase that matches with the rest of the room’s décor. Just be sure to find out if your guest has any allergies to certain flowers ahead of time before visiting the florist. After all, you wouldn’t want them sneezing because of the sunflowers in their room

It’s not difficult to make a guest bedroom beautiful and inviting for visitors. With a few simple changes, you’ll make the space so lovely, your guests won’t want to leave. And that can be a good thing.

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