How To Arrange Your Bed Pillows To Make Your Bed More Beautiful

The alarm rings and you begrudgingly get out of bed. You stand up, you scratch, and you head to the loo. But when you’re done, don’t rush past your bed in order to start your day faster. Taking the time to make your bed can make all the difference in how your day flows. And that’s when knowing how to arrange your bed pillows can make a truly positive impact on your day. 

Thing is, if you have a plethora of pillows on your bed, you might not know how to place them in order to make your bed look its best. But learning how to arrange your bed pillows not only helps your bed look polished, but it can set you up for a more productive day, too. Studies have shown that making your bed can improve your productivity and even entice you to keep the rest of your room (and, in theory), your home neater. It can even improve your mood and lower stress levels, The Spruce reported. 

So pick up some pillows, fluff them up, and get ready to create a beautiful bed that you’ll love looking at — and sleeping in even more. 

Know Your Style

The design of your room will dictate how many pillows you can plunk down on your bed. “The number of pillows depends on the style that you’ve chosen for your bedroom interior in general,” says John Breese, the founder and CEO of “For example, a formal and polished bed may require a row of big European pillows, a couple of standard pillows and at least three decorative cushions.” And for a more casual look, a couple of standard sleeping pillows and some decorative one will work well–and take a lot less time to arrange. 

Understand The Arrangement

From square to rectangular, oval to oblong, there are so many shapes and styles of pillows for your bed. And that’s where positioning can get tricky. Here’s some help: “First, arrange four pillows at the head of your bed and dress them in color coordinating shams,” advises Sarah Riccio, a bedding expert at “I like to combine warm and cool colors for a balanced feel, but monochromatic tones are very trendy right now!” Then, add an accent pillow for a pop of color. You can get creative with the shape of your accent pillow to make it super chic. 

But if you want more pillows on your bed, you can still start off with a row of four at the head of your bed. Next, do a second row of larger shams (either square or rectangular). Finally, you can add a third row of smaller pillows, and a final oblong bolster pillow to complete the look. 

Don’t Overdo It

Decorative pillows can be a great way to boost the aesthetic of your whole bedroom, but there is such a thing as too many pillows! “If you’ve got some stylish pillows you’re eager to use, be sure to arrange them according to size,” says Riccio. “For example, put the smaller, oval-shaped pillow in front of the larger square-shaped pillow, and so on.” Riccio advises that if you have more than five decorative pillows on the bed, it can start to look a little cluttered. 

Don’t Sleep On Decorative Pillows

Let’s say that it’s been a long day and you’re just looking to slide into bed. But if you have a lot of pillows on it, you might feel lazy and just rest your head right on them, which might not be the safest thing for slumber. “Aside from small size, their covers are typically made of materials that tend to collect dust and debris, such as faux fur, or just aren’t comfortable to the skin, such as organza,” says Breese. “Besides, decor pillows may have different beads or sequins sewn to them, which also doesn’t contribute to comfort.” So even if you’re exhausted, be sure to remove the decorative pillows before plunking down to sleep. 

Store Your Pillows At Night

Although having pretty pillows on your bed might be visually appealing, your neck and head might beg to differ if you sleep on them. “When it’s time to slip into bed, be sure to remove any pillows that you won’t be sleeping with,” advises Riccio. “Carefully place each decorative pillow in your linen closet or on top of your ottoman until it’s time to make the bed in the morning!”

Making your bed look pretty with pillows can set the stage for a productive day, and sweet slumber, too.

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