Just Jennifer: Blessed

There’s a new love in my life. That’s her photo above.

Yes, Dear Readers, I am expecting. As of this writing, I’m 5 ½ months pregnant. We are having a little girl. It is truly one of the most exciting times in my life.

I am also on the eve of turning 41-years-old. No one was more shocked about this pregnancy than I was. You see, we had resigned ourselves to being a cute little family of four (plus three insane dogs). Our careers are skyrocketing as we speak. Both of our kids are doing well in school, and we planned to continue on in our path.

We didn’t really see our path taking this big turn, but honestly, we couldn’t be more grateful. What a complete and utter blessing this pregnancy has been.

I write this Just Jennifer column in the hopes that I can inspire just one person with my stories. Just one. And from the emails and texts that I get from you, I know that it is working. So the point of this week’s column is not to brag about the baby, or to linger in my good fortune, but rather to illustrate two points. The first is that you may think you have your life figured out, that you know exactly where you are supposed to be, and where you’re supposed to be headed. Then a huge (and let’s face it, scary) change comes knocking at your door. It is up to you to rise the occasion and know that the change is meant to be. It is part of your journey.

It is part of your destiny.

The second point is this: What is meant for you will come. Do not give up hope. In each of my pregnancies, I have had instances where women who were struggling with infertility came up to me, cried, and rubbed my belly, hoping that some of the “baby magic” would rub off on them. They wound up getting pregnant and having babies. Now, I’m not saying that touching me will get you pregnant, but I believe the belief, hope, and good energy that these women had helped carry them along in their journey until the timing was right and they had the children they so desperately wanted.

For me and my family, the time is now. Simply put, we are blessed. And my sincere hope is that you are, too.

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