Just Jennifer: Human

Whenever I meet someone new and they ask what I do, I usually get the same response. “Wow! You are so lucky to meet so many celebrities!” One time, someone asked me, “Do you ever wish you had that life?”

The truth is…no. Never. Not once.

I mean, I have seen some fabulous things as Editor in Chief of Celebrity Parents. I have been in celebrity homes that required a map to get from one wing to the other. Amazing cars parked in the driveways, five nannies for one child…you name it. I’ve seen it all.

But after every photo shoot, I have thanked the celebrity for their time, packed up my crew and happily headed home. Every time.

Sure, it’s easy to get swept up in celebrity life. It’s glamorous, excessive, and sparkly. It can make your patch of grass look pretty pathetic. The thing is, where your feet are planted is damn near perfect. You just don’t realize it.

See, when you spend so much time looking at other people’s lives, your own life will fail miserably in comparison. It has to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity or your next-door neighbor. Someone will always be making more money than you. Someone else will have a happier marriage than yours. Someone else’s kids are soccer stars, popular in school and get A’s on every exam. And as much as you know rationally that the person you’re envious of probably has some personal demons that they’re battling, all you see is the good stuff. The stuff that you don’t have.

And hate starts to grow in your heart.

The only way to be happy in your life is to be grateful.

That’s it.

Be grateful for every single solitary thing in your life. Be grateful for the marriage you have, the kids you’ve created, the job you have. But what if your marriage is ending, your kids talk back to you, and your job is sucking the life out of you?

Be grateful for today. Not even today. For this MOMENT. Because today can be the day that you turn it all around. It can be the moment when you decide to fight for your marriage (or officially end it), connect with your kiddos on a deeper level (and stop the sass, because you don’t have time for that, momma), and ditch your job for something better.

When you start to take the steps towards making your life better (not like someone else’s, but just improving your own lot in life), you will suddenly become happier. It will not take long. Good things will happen for you almost immediately.

Soon, you will be satisfied and content in your life. You will be proud of your successes, not haunted by those achieved by others. You will bloom where you are planted. Celebrate your achievements, and keep striving. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

After all, you’re just human.



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