10 Ways To Host An Amazing Slumber Party That’s Big On Snacks…And Sleep

After much begging and pleading, you’ve finally allowed your tween to host her first sleepover. But before you break out the snacks and scary flicks, you’ll need to put some serious preparation into making your party perfect. These 10 ways to host an amazing slumber party will help your child and their friends have a great time…and maybe even sleep a little, too.

Set Realistic Expectations

Talk to your child pre-party about what is allowed—and what’s not. Sure, it’s supposed to be a night of fun for all, but the other members of the household still need their eight hours of beauty sleep. So set a reasonable bedtime pre-party so no one is a zonked out zombie the next day.

Stock Up On Snacks

Forget about sleeping—the real star of any slumber party are the snacks. So make sure to stock up on plenty of treats to entice all your guests. While chips and dip are bound to go over big, you can also include desserts that the kids can decorate, like sugar cookies or brownies for a fun (and sweet) flair.

Talk To The Parents

If this is your child’s first sleepover, it’s a good idea to talk to the parents of your guests. Why? Well, they might not know what the plans are for the evening, and since their child is going to be staying at (and sleeping in) your home, you want to them to know that their child will be safe.

Include Some Activities

Let’s face it: without something fun to do, your gaggle of guests might start making some mischief. That’s when you need to have some backup activities planned so that they’re not bored. Depending on their ages, you might want to make a spa night (compete with facials and mani pedis), or even some cute crafts to keep them occupied.

Make A Theme

Find out from your child what everyone is into. Maybe they want to make TikTok videos all night—or they want to watch slasher flicks. No matter what the kiddos come up with, you can always theme your slumber party around it. Put out some cool décor to make it even more fun.

Don’t Obsess Over Dinner

You might want to make your child’s slumber party memorable. But if you thought about serving a five course meal, think again. Keep the dinner simple by serving something that kids will want to eat, like pizza, chicken fingers, and fries. Simple to make, serve, and clean up. Dinner is officially done—and delicious.

Keep An Eye On Things

Although you want to give your kid some privacy, there’s nothing wrong with popping in every now and then to see how things are going. After all, you want to make sure that they’re having fun, and that no one is being left out of the festivities. And to make it look like you’re not snooping (which, obvs, you totally are), you can offer extra refreshments or see if they need anything.

Have Extras Of Everything

When it comes to kids and packing, you know that someone is going to forget their sleeping bag. Or another might have left their favorite teddy bear back at home. To ensure that everyone has a smooth night, be sure to have extra blankets, bedding, and pillows so that it’s sweet dreams for all.

Set The Stage For Sleep

Sure, a slumber party means a bunch of giggling girls (or guys!), but at some point you’re going to want them to wind down and fall asleep already. So be sure to make the sleeping arrangements such that they’ll want to go to bed—eventually. Setting the room at the right temperature for sleep, dimming the lights, and even spraying some calming scents (such as lavender or vanilla) might coax them off to Slumberland sooner than you think.

Be Flexible

Don’t be too much of a party pooper if the fiesta goes a little beyond their bedtime. But appeal to their sense of reason and responsibility by pointing out that staying up too late will make it harder for them to enjoy tomorrow’s activities, like whipping up their own pancakes for breakfast. After all, having a sleepover is a privilege earned.

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