The Best Shows To Stream While You’re Stuck Inside

Since we have all be indoors dealing with work, the kids, and maintaining a normal lifestyle, we all need a chance to wind down with some new things to watch. If you’re stuck in the cycle of rewatching The Office or have Frozen on a loop, you’re going to want to take a look at this list of our top 5 shows to stream while you’re stuck inside. From shows for you and the kids to reconnect with your girls over FaceTime watching your new favorite binge worth series! You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got all your streaming apps and get ready to binge-watch your next favorite show!

Tiger King

If you have a Netflix subscription Tiger King is definitely a show to add to your list! This Netflix top 10 docuseries follows the crazy lifestyle and story of the former zoo owner Joe Exotic and all of his partners. This show will give you a glimpse into the interconnected society of big cats. As soon as you start the first episode you’ll be hooked! This show is perfect for a quarantined styled date night or a video call session with your friends and family. Tiger King has been number one on Netflix for 15 days in a row, making it Netflix’s longest-running streak record. 


Calling all theatre moms! The show Fosse Verdon is a great show to binge on date night. This true story follows the life of the famous Broadway director and choreographer Bob Fosse and his lifetime partner and famous broadway triple threat Gwen Verdon. Their story takes place from the mid-1960s and follows their journey through showbiz. This show has a lot of heart and will make you fall in love with the art and precision of broadway musicals. This show is only one season so it is defiantly binge-worthy!

The Simpsons

If you’re looking to be nostalgic, Disney+ is your go-to channel. This streaming service has everything you and your, perhaps slightly older, kids are going to love. If you want to introduce them to some of your favorite cartoons back in the day, you’re definitely going to want to watch The Simpsons. The Simpsons is one of the most popular shows featured on Disney + right now. With over 31 seasons featured on Disney+, it will be easy to watch this show with the family while also revisiting some of your favorite childhood memories. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Missing your girls? Try having a girls night over Zoom while watching your new favorite Amazon Prime series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you and your gal pals want to watch a 1950’s star become a stand-up comedian star while leaving behind her life as a housewife, this comedy series is for you. This show has three seasons available on Amazon Prime and will definitely allow you to reconnect with the girls, even if you’re not in the same living room.

Love is Blind

Another Netflix showstopper is Love is Blind. This mysterious dating show has swept the nation and has been on Netflix’s top 10’s list consecutively for weeks. Love is Blind follows a wide range of people who are convinced that they are able to find their one true love, without even seeing what they look like. This show follows the ups and downs of each couple’s relationship and takes them to the altar. However, some couples are lucky enough to end up with a happily ever after. This show is perfect for a self-care night when all you want to do is relax and focus on yourself.

–Natalie Bennett

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