7 Ways To Show Your Appreciation During National Nanny Recognition Week, Because They Do A LOT

They’re there to kiss booboos, help your child to (hopefully) eat some of the veggies on their plate, and ensure that they stand up to the playground bully. In many instances, nannies become a part of the family. Even if you make sure that your child’s nanny feels special every day, you might want to shower them with some extra love during National Nanny Recognition Week, a celebration of all that these unsung heroes do for the families they work with.


But how did National Nanny Recognition Week even begin? Industry professionals Mary Clurman, Judi Merlin, and others launched National Nanny Recognition Week in 1998 as a way to celebrate the hard work that nannies selflessly do to make life better for so many families. It became a weeklong celebration in 1999 when The National Association of Nannies officially adopted National Nanny Recognition Week as its own initiative, according to the organization’s website. The goal is to not just celebrate the work of nannies, but to highlight their pivotal role in child care, too. “We always remind our clients that while NNRW is only one week a year, it’s important to take the time to show appreciation to your nanny all year round!” says Katie Provinziano, the founder of Westside Nannies a nationwide domestic staffing agency based in Beverly Hills that specializes in placing professional and educated nannies.

So if you’re looking for ways to thank your nanny for everything they do, these simple acts can make it feel like National Nanny Recognition Week — and every day.


Pay Appropriately


Just like any other employee, pay is very important. So when you’re deciding how much to pay your nanny, “it’s important to set a competitive rate to attract the best caregivers,” say the folks at Sittercity. By providing a good income to the person who takes your tot to all of their activities, you’ll be showing your nanny how much you appreciate them all year long.


Invest In Their Career

For some, being a nanny might just be a job. But for many people, a nanny position is something they take very seriously. Show your nanny how much you believe in them by investing in their education. “Invest in their professional development by gifting them relevant childcare courses, nanny training programs, and conferences,” says Provinziano. In appreciation of National Nanny Recognition Week, pay for the programs that your nanny would like to take — and could potentially catapult their career.


Offer Consistency


Unless it’s part of the position, no likes feeling as if they’re always on the clock. And while it’s reasonable to expect some last-minute schedule changes (because, well, life), try to be respectful of your nanny’s time. If you need to have your nanny stay overtime, be sure that they’re compensated properly and given as much advance notice as possible. That way, your nanny can work with your schedule and still have their personal life, too.


Have The Kids Celebrate The Nanny

Sure, you might absolutely adore your kids, but chances are, so does your nanny. That’s why getting your kids to help celebrate them will make National Nanny Recognition Week even more special. “Enlist your children’s help and let their creativity speak the gratitude and appreciation you want to show your nanny,” adds Provinziano. “A cute handmade gift will never fail to melt someone’s heart!” Get the family together and record a video that expresses your appreciation for your nanny or make a scrapbook with some sweet snaps of them together. The point is to make it as personal (and as special) as possible.


Create A Healthy Work Environment


It might not seem like it, but having a reliable job to go to everyday can give a person great peace of mind. For your nanny, create a work agreement that outlines their position and what is expected of them. Beyond the basics of compensation, benefits, severance pay, and their job requirements, make sure to listen to your nanny’s ideas and opinions so that the agreement works for both of you. After all, having a work environment (even if it’s your home) where the nanny feels respected can make all the difference in the quality of care provided for your child.


Let Them Have A Paid Day Off

Who doesn’t love a day off from work? During National Nanny Recognition Week, be sure to give them some time off. “Most nannies work long hours, so some time off would be ideal,” adds Provinziano. “They can use the rest day to take care of personal business or to simply relax and recharge.” A free (paid) day off can do wonders for your nanny, and they’ll be grateful — and happier — when they return to work the next day.

Give A Good Gift

Although your nanny might not be expecting anything, everyone loves a great gift. There are so many ways to reward your nanny, but probably the best one is cash. “Offering a financial bonus is a great way to let your nanny know you see and acknowledge the effort they put into everything they do,” says Provinziano. Typically, a monetary gift might be a week’s salary, but if that’s not within the budget, you can give a gift basket stocked with all the snacks your nanny loves. Flowers and a card with a sweet sentiment are also good options. Gift cards can be an easy way to express your thanks, or a spa day can let your nanny luxuriate in style.

While it might only be one week out of the year, National Nanny Recognition Week should be something that you practice every single day. For the person who spends so much time instructing, caring for, and loving your child, a lot of recognition (and respect) can last all year long.

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