These 30 Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids Will Give Them Pumpkin To Talk About

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around the table, cooking for hours on end in the kitchen, and getting ready for the main event: eating. What the holiday that inspires an attitude of gratitude isn’t quite as known for is cracking jokes. But there is so much that’s funny (and punny) on Thanksgiving, and with an audience filled with friends and family right there to share some silly stories with, why wouldn’t you break out some Thanksgiving jokes? Get ready to giggle until you waddle, because you’ll gobble these Thanksgiving jokes for kids right up.

But when is a good time to tell a Thanksgiving joke? Really, anytime. It might be while you’re waiting for the little pop-up timer on the turkey to, well, pop up. It could be after the dishes are cleared and everyone is waiting for some pumpkin pie to wash it all down. Or it might be even when everyone’s on the couch in a food coma. Truly, any time is a good time for Thanksgiving jokes that are all about that baste.

Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Q: How did the Pilgrims bring their cows to America?

A: On the Mooo-flower.

Q: What does a Pilgrim call his friends?

A: Pal-grims.

Q: What is the forecast for Thanksgiving?

A: Sweater weather.

Q: What do you call the age of a Pilgrim?

A: A pilgrimage.

Q: What holiday is Dracula’s favorite?

A: Fangs-giving.

Q: Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?

A: Yes, because a building can’t jump.

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

A: Pilgrims.

Q: What kind of music did the pilgrims listen to?

A: Plymouth Rock.

Q: What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

A: A har-vest.

 Q: What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving?

A: The G.

Thanksgiving Food Jokes

Q: What did the salad say to the butter who kept making jokes?

A: You’re on a roll.

 Q: What happens when cranberries get sad?

A: They turn into blueberries.

Q: Why didn’t the cook season the Thanksgiving turkey?

A: There was no thyme.

Q: What is a turkey’s favorite dessert?

A: Apple gobbler.

Q: What kind of key can’t open doors?

A: A tur-key.

Q: What sound does a dizzy turkey make?

A: Wobble, wobble.

Q: What sound does a turkey’s phone make?

A: Wing! Wing!

Q: Why did the cranberries turn red?

A: Because they saw the turkey dressing.

Q: Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?

A: It had 24 carrots.

Q: Why should you never set the turkey next to the dessert?

A: Because he will gobble, gobble it up.

Turkey Thanksgiving Jokes

Q: What’s a turkey’s favorite Thanksgiving food?

A: Nothing—it’s already stuffed.

Q: When are turkeys the most grateful?

A: The day after Thanksgiving.

Q: What do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo?

A: A turkey that can pluck itself.

Q: What do you call a running turkey?

A: Fast food.

Q: What happened when the turkey got into a fight?

A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

Q: Why was the turkey asked to join a band?

A: He could bring his own drumsticks.

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road twice?

A: To prove he wasn’t a chicken.

Q: What would a turkey be called if it turned into a ghost?

A: Poultrygeist.

Q: Why did the turkey bring a microphone to dinner?

A: He was ready for a roast.

Q: Where do turkeys go to dance?

A: The Butterball.

These Thanksgiving jokes for kids will definitely give them pumpkin’ to talk about.

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