10 Card Games For Couples To Play Together

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you’re in a long-term relationship. While the first few weeks and months might be full of excitement (i.e. sex on the kitchen counter in the middle of the morning!), those lusty feelings can lose their luster when you add in the monotony of monogamy. So if you’re looking to create some quality time with your partner, these 15 card games for couples to play together can help you create a better bond — and just might spark some serious chemistry, too.

Out of the way, UNO. If you’re wondering what kind of card games for couples you can play, forget about Go Fish. Even poker can be a put off, (unless it’s strip poker, natch). The games below are meant to help you get to scratch the surface with your sweetie and get to know them on an entirely new level. Some will allow you to explore your own identity so that you can get to know your partner better, and others are totally designed to titillate the senses. But no matter which card game for couples you choose, they’re ultimately all about fostering friendship and creating a connection that will make your union even stronger … and sexier.


A Card Game That Is Sofa King Awe Sum

Ridiculous Expositions ain’t your Grandma’s gin rummy. The card games takes seemingly innocent phrases that, when sounded out correctly, often reveal a much naughtier undertone.  Players split into teams of two with the goal of having the most points at the end of the round. The opposing team (the instructions suggest naming the teams Team Asstastic and Team Bonerrific!) display cards to each other and the other team has to guess the true saying or expression. If the team can’t guess what the dirty phrase is, they can pass, but then the opposing team can snag the cards and call out the answer. The cards range from the somewhat mild (Aim Offend Hop = a muffin top) to the racier (Watt Sour Fan Does He = What’s Your Fantasy?)—and it can get much more risqué after that. Cards range from 1 – 3 points depending on how complicated (or sexy) the answer is.


A Card Game That Helps You Unlock Answers

We’re Not Really Strangers Couples Edition is great for both recent relationships and those that have gotten a little stale. The game has 150 questions that are meant to deepen bonds and reveal totally honest answers. For example, one question asks: “What do we have in this relationship that you never thought was possible?” Be prepared for some real answers.


A Card Game That Goes Deep (But Not In *That* Way)


While some card games for couples are only designed for two, Let’s Get Deep is best played with 2+ players. The deck of cards is divided into three piles — “Ice Breaker,” “Deep,” and “Deeper.” The person who made the first move at the beginning of the relationship gets to draw cards from each category for other players to answer. There are 400 cards in this game and instructions to help you in case you get stumped. Questions range from the silly: “Do you sing in the shower?’ to the more serious: “What’s the sexiest thing about me?”

A Card Game For Couples — Literally


Think of The Ultimate Game For Couples as a date night. Although you can play with just your partner, this game is more fun when you do it with another couple. Not only will you answer questions (i.e. “What is one thing you wish I did more of?”) but you’ll also get to perform funny challenges like “Text ‘I got the results, my butt is fine’ to anyone I choose from your contact list.’”)


A Card Game That Wants You (And Your Relationship) To Get Healthier

Healthier Together: Conversations For Creating Your Healthiest, Happiest Life is a card game that you can play without worrying about risqué R-rated content. The 150 questions focus on topics like love, adventure, wellbeing, wealth, growing up, and what if scenarios. You can use these q’s as ice breakers when meeting your S.O.’s parents for the first time, or even with your kiddos on long-distance flights. With its relaxed vibe, this is a card game that will ensure that you’ll never run out of things to say.


A Card Game That Wants You (And Your Relationship) To Get Healthier



Discover your own hopes and dreams when you play TableTopics Date Night. The game, which has sold over 2 million copies, contains 135 questions specifically for couples that are designed to be thought-provoking. You might pull a card and ask your partner, “Should we consider taking any actions to reduce our impact on the earth?” to “What song reminds you of a romantic time that we spent together?” With purple hearts (and two blue ones) adorning each card, it’s a cute game that will let you learn about your partner — and yourself.


A Card Game That Is Designed For Drinking


Drinking games are a blast, but they’re even better when you play Do Or Drink while taking that shot. The adult card game has 250 challenges in a totally true truth or dare style. You might need to guess your partner’s dream vacation, but if you guess an incorrect answer, you have to take two drinks. This game is sure to get you giggling as you find out more about your sweetie as you sip, drink, and throw back shots all night long.


A Card Game That Is Super Sexy



If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Risky Couples card game is it. Four categories comprise this game, from white cards that are innocent, to pink cards that are meant to inspire intimacy. But when you want to take things up a notch, play the black cards which have dares like “Let your partner draw a smiley face on your butt or drink.” The red cards are the exciting ones, where you’ll moan as loudly as you can for 20 seconds, or role play for an erotic evening.


A Card Game That Lets You Speak Your Love Language


It can be hard to approach intimacy issues with your partner. So that’s when you break out BestSelf Intimacy Deck. The 150 card game lets you learn more about your beloved, since it’s designed to open up the conversation about your relationship and seeks to strengthen that bond and get you both on the same page about your partnership.


A Card Game That Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

Life can throw some insane scenarios at you — and that’s the point of Servd. This card game for couples takes everyday issues that can throw a monkey wrench in your relationship and helps you to find the humor in it all. But instead of sitting down with the cards, you’ll split up the deck, agree to how long you want to play the game (i.e a week, a month, etc.), and then you can whip out a card whenever the need arises. It might be something like, “You have 10 minutes to get ready,” and your partner can comply (or not, by taking out two cards to avoid taking action). No matter what happens, you’ll find some hilarious situations when you play Servd.

Whether you’re looking for something different for date night or something to spice up your Sunday, these card games for couples can make your partnership more playful, insightful, and downright sexy.


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