5 Tips For Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day — And Actually Get Work Done

Your kid often asks you, “Mom, what do you do at work all day?” Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day is the perfect way to answer that question. It’s estimated that 37 million parents and kids in over 3.5 million workplaces will participate in the program. The goal: to inspire kids and help them explore workplace options for the future. So if you want to take your kid into work with you today, here are some tips to make it fun for both of you.

Talk To Your Child

Prep your child for a day in the office. Explain that it’s not going to be like school, with lots of kids running around and recess activities. Let your child know ahead of time what he can expect so he’s prepared.

Have A Plan

It’s a good idea to schedule out your day ahead of time. Be sure to include activities that you think your child will find interesting—not like that two-hour board meeting that even you find boring. And don’t schedule back-to-back meetings with your bosses, either.

Bring Entertainment

Once the fun of commuting into work with you wears off, your kid might get bored pretty quickly. Bring a bag of entertainment with you—some old toys, and a small new toy that he hasn’t seen yet—to keep your child occupied while you finish those expense reports.

Set Age-Appropriate Goals

If you expect your three-year-old to shake hands with the CEO and acknowledge all of your colleagues, think again. Your child might get overwhelmed at meeting many new people, so introduce him to only the key players—and your closest office buds.

Take Mini-Breaks

Sure, you can plow through your workday but your kid can’t. So create hourly intervals for snacks, bathroom breaks or even a stroll around the block. And be sure to grab lunch together outside the office—let your child pick the place, even if it’s just the local pizzeria. That way, your child will be stimulated throughout your workday—and you can still get your work done.

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