7 New Year’s Resolutions The Entire Family Can Make

There’s nothing like the start of a New Year (and in this case, a new decade) to make you feel like wiping the slate clean and starting all over again. And for many people, making resolutions is the easiest way to jumpstart your goals and accomplish tasks that you might have been putting off for some time. If you’re thinking of ways to improve your life as well as those you love the most, these New Year’s resolutions the entire family can make just might you help those dreams become a reality.

Here’s the thing. All too often, resolutions revolve around just one person (i.e. you) and don’t include anyone else. It might be to lose those last 20 pounds, go back to school to finish that degree, or to become more organized in the New Year. And while all of those resolutions have a lot of merit, only you can achieve them. But if you make group goals that include all of the members of your family, you might have an easier chance of accomplishing them, since you’ll all be working together to make them a reality. Plus, once you’re able to cross a resolution off of your list, you’ll get to celebrate the victory as a family, which is even more exciting.

Ready to rock your New Year’s resolutions? These 7 New Year’s resolutions the entire family can make can put you on track towards a better life and inspire your kiddos to keep reaching for the stars, too.

Hold Family Meetings

Whether it’s on a Friday night or a sleepy Sunday morning, take some time to talk with your family. Maybe it’s something as simple as deciding what you’re going to do that weekend, or it might be as lofty as the dream trip you’d like to take together this year. Get in the habit of sitting down with your kiddos and talking about goals both big and small. You’ll be surprised how quickly you accomplish them once you get everyone on board.

Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude

Having a grateful heart can truly allow you to see life differently. “Make it a point to practice gratitude,” says Stefanie Juliano, a therapist/licensed professional clinical counselor. “Perhaps at dinner or before bed, you can discuss the high points of the day.” You might decide to do a gratitude check-in daily or even weekly, but just make sure that you show your kids how important it is to be thankful for everything that they have — especially their family.

Get In Some Exercise

Sure, it’s on almost everyone’s New Year’s wish list to get in shape and be healthier. But exercising alone can become boring and cause you to quit far sooner than you might have originally intended. So make a commitment to become stronger both in mind and body together. Pick activities that all of your kids would enjoy, whether it’s a game of basketball, a jog around the neighborhood, or even hiking. You can root each other one as you exercise your way towards better health.

Unplug…For A Little While

It’s almost silly to suggest having your kids put away their phones for the weekend or even a day. But for at least one hour (like during dinner), have it be a no-phone zone. That means not even allowing the phone at the table, because the dinging from the alerts or even the buzzing from a text might prove to be too tempting not just for the kids, but for you, too. But being able to be present for your kids and soak up those fun and silly moments is truly a blessing.

Volunteer Monthly

Sure, the holidays might seem like the optimal time to lend your time to help others, but there are so many other opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. As a family, you can choose a charity that you would all like to volunteer at, and then pitch in to help make this world a better place. It will be even more meaningful because you’re doing it together.

Learn As A Family

Maybe you’ve dreamed of learning a new language. Or maybe you want to finally master those salsa moves so you can slay on the dance floor. Whatever you want to learn, use the New Year to inspire you to learn—together. “The new year is the ideal time for families to commit to learning together,” says Adrian Ridner, CEO & Co-founder of Study.com. “Being a lifelong learner has huge benefits, and it’s a habit that parents can help their children create.” Ridner suggests doing anything from watching short educational videos together to even earning college credit together by studying for and taking a credit-granting exam. Says Ridner: “Learning will take a different shape for every family but it’s no secret that education is one of the most powerful life-skills that can even have generational and societal impact.”

Cook Together

Sure, life gets busy, and it’s sometimes faster and easier just to cruise through the drive-thru for dinner. But you know that it’s not always the healthiest move to make. So once a week, pick out a new recipe that everyone can agree on and cook together with your kiddos and your partner. Not only can it encourage healthier eating habits, but it might just make your picky eater want to eat his culinary creation.

These New Year’s resolutions the entire family can make can serve as a way to stay connected with each other. It helps you teach your kids the art of goal setting, intentionality, and working together to help make your dreams a reality.

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