Fitness Personality Sara Haley Explains Why It’s Good To Expect More

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Staying in shape during your pregnancy is important for any momma-to-be. Fitness guru Sara Haley has created a great new workout, Expecting More that will keep you in shape for your nine months—and beyond.

What was life like prior to launching your DVD, Expecting More?

I had moved to NYC to pursue a dance career, but I didn’t like the grind of auditioning all the time. I realized that fitness made me really, really happy. It was a combination of making other people happy every day and looking forward to seeing clients, too. At that point, I was teaching everything from dance to body conditioning, even Pilates and yoga.

Reebok International approached me to be a global ambassador and I did fitness DVDS. The more I did it, I loved it. And then motherhood came into play.

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There really aren’t that many workout DVDs in the maternity market.

That’s right. I had gotten certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness. And that gave me the ability to put myself in the world as a trainer. Between the people I trained and friends who were pregnant, they would tell me to do a pregnancy DVD. But I didn’t want to do it until I was pregnant, too. As soon as I got pregnant, I knew this was the time. We ended up filming when I was 8 months pregnant, but it makes the DVD more credible because it shows that you can do it at any stage.

Let’s talk about the DVD itself.

There are 6 different workouts. On two of them, I have backups, and then the other 4 are just me doing the exercises. It’s all about listening to your body; if it doesn’t feel good, then you can’t do it. Because what you can and can’t do depends on how you carry. Prenatal yoga will help you for the birth; it will help you open up your body in new ways. And while it will help you with breathing, what it won’t give you is the cardiovascular activity or the stamina.

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How are you balancing it all?

As every working mother must say, it is a challenge. I feel a pull all the time. When I’m not with him, I try my best to turn it off but it’s so hard. It’s definitely my biggest challenge. Before I had my son, I could work out whenever I wanted to. Now I’m working out at home more, and the workouts need to be much more efficient. On top of that, I’m not a kid person. I mean, I knew I wanted a 10 year old eventually, but I had never been a baby person! [laughs] Now, I’m obsessed with my son, Landon John. But giving myself the time to work out makes me a better wife, mom, and friend. I love what I do, so it justifies it, because it makes me whole.

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