How Tall Is Peppa Pig? The Answer Is Astounding

I have two preschoolers, so Peppa Pig is on in my house — a lot. I love watching Peppa, the precocious little piggie and her family, George Pig, Mummy and Daddy Pig. And while I’ve often wondered about certain things (i.e. Why does Miss Rabbit have all the jobs where Peppa lives?), I can honestly say that I’ve never once questioned Peppa’s height. Well, one person did, and the answer to how tall Peppa Pig is might shock you.

According to the Internet, (so you know it’s true), Peppa Pig stands an astounding 7 feet 1 inch tall. How this is possible for a pig is shocking, really. It makes you view the show in a whole new light. Are they all giant pigs and farm animals living together with British accents, towering over the rest of us? Will there be a takeover? Should I pack snacks? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course, Peppa’s significant stature has set off the Twitterverse, and there have been memes and tweets galore that have resulted from learning that Peppa Pig stands taller than probably 95% of the population. In fact, one Twitter user calculated how tall the rest of the family is based off of Peppa’s height. Since Daddy Pig looms large over Peppa, it’s estimated that he’s 14 feet 2 inches tall, Mummy Pig is 11 feet 6 inches tall, and “little” George is 4 feet 5 inches tall. Hey, at least, I’m (slightly) taller than one of the characters on the show.

It should be said that numerous attempts to reach out to Entertainment One (the media company that owns Peppa Pig) have not been returned. So in all likelihood, Peppa Pig is probably a little piggie, and this is all just some fun entertainment fodder. In all honesty, Peppa being gigantic sized was kind of interesting while it lasted, and made us realize why we love the show so much in the first place: Peppa Pig is a sweet show that focuses on family, friendship, working together, and being kind and accepting of everyone.

Yes, even 7 foot tall talking pigs. And there’s the lesson, folks. Right there.


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