The Mensch On A Bench Has Two New Buddies You’ll Plotz Over

Christmas has the Elf on the Shelf. And Hanukkah has the Mensch on the Bench. But sometimes sitting on a bench all by yourself can be lonely, so the creators of Mensch on a Bunch have given the Mensch some friends to play with. And oy vey, are they awesome.

Two new members of the Mensch on a Bench family has come to celebrate the holidays. Ask Bubbe is a real Jewish grandmother doll who says lots of fun phrases that you’ll recognize if you have your own Bubbe. She says things like, “Oy, don’t do that, I’ll plotz!” and “Are you hungry? Let me fix you something!” And for some good old fashioned guilt, Bubby says, “You never call! Why don’t you call your Bubbe?”

To keep your Bubbe company, you can always get the Ask Papa plush doll. He says fun phrases like, “I don’t know. I’ve got bubkes!” to “It takes chutzpah to ask me that!” And for the times when you need some advice, Papa says it straight: “Okay, but don’t tell your Bubbe.” Which your Bubbe probably won’t be too happy about.

The Ask Papa and Ask Bubbe dolls can become a treasured part of your Hanukkah experience. Plop them next to the Mensch on the Bench, and they’ll have great conversations about what it really takes to be a mensch in today’s world, and more importantly, why you never call. Oy vey iz mir!

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