How To Get Your Kids Ready To Go Back To School


Long summer days spent playing and late nights watching TV and eating fun snacks. Is it any wonder that your kid is less than thrilled to head back to school? But since school is right around the corner, you need to get your child back to school ready. Here’s how.

Make An Earlier Bedtime

Studies show that kids who don’t get enough sleep are unable to focus and are crankier. So start getting your kids to hit the sheets earlier each night. Start by pushing up bedtime about ten minutes each night until your child is back on a regular sleep schedule.

Be Positive

Your child might be miserable thinking about how much homework she’s going to have to do or how she won’t have extra time to play. Highlight the positives of being back at school, such as getting to flex her Picasso skills in Art class or seeing her friends—and making new ones.

Get Ready

School can seem overwhelming to kids of any age, so it’s helpful to make the process smoother. Create a calendar that counts the days until school starts. Then assign each day a theme. One day might be shopping for school supplies and another can be to go through your child’s closet to see what still fits—and what doesn’t. Breaking down the back to school routine into smaller segments will make it easier for your child to handle.

Offer Options

Giving your child the chance to make some of her own choices can help her feel more in control. When you go shopping for school supplies, let her pick out her own pencils and pens. And let her select her first day back to school outfit. Not only will it help her get excited, but she’ll feel as though she’s part of the back to school process, too.

Have A Talk

First day frights are normal. Take some time to chat with your child about how she’s feeling—and really listen to her. Maybe she’s worried because she’s going into a class where she doesn’t know anyone, or she’s concerned whether she’ll like her teacher or not. Don’t be quick to brush her fears away; instead, listen and reassure your child that her first day will be nothing less than fun and fabulous.

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