How to Have a Calm Delivery

You want to welcome your brand new baby into the world with harps and lovely harmonies. But giving birth can be a loud, messy, and graphic affair. Have a calm (and somewhat chaotic-free) delivery with these tips.

Keep It Small

When it comes to people in the birth room, the smaller the number, can sometimes be better. After all, you will already have a labor nurse and doctor in there to assist you. The more people who are in there can not only prove to be a distraction (rather than support) but can also get in the way. So choose a small group of people to be there with you, such as your partner, your mom, and any super close family members or friends.

Dim The Lights

During labor, the lighting in the room is not only unflattering, but it can keep you awake. Before you go into active labor (and start pushing), ask if the lights in your room can be dimmed. It will help you to relax and hopefully sleep, giving you the strength you’ll need to push.

Add Some Aroma

Hospitals smell like, well, hospitals. If you find a certain scent soothing, ask if you can spray your room with it. Most likely, the hospital will not allow you to burn candles, for safety reasons. But an air freshner, such as a plug-in, or even a room spray, should be acceptable. But before you douse your room with the scent, keep in mind that less is more. You may find that as your labor progresses (and you become more irritable) that scent that you loved so much is now irritating your nostrils. So spritz sparingly!

Play Mood Music

Music can soothe the savage beast—and a mom-to-be in labor, too. Make a few playlists that reflect various musical styles (soft, slow love longs, Top 40 hits, or even 80s glam rock songs!) that you can play depending on what mood you’re in during labor. You might need the intensity of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” to get you through the last moments of labor, and then want to play Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” as you cradle your newborn.

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