Laurie Berkner’s Superhero Will Make You Want To Wear A Cape

Laurie Berkner makes musical magic yet again with her latest album, Superhero. It’s the first album Berkner has released in eight long years, which fans have desperately been waiting for. Superhero is an album about empowerment and the joy of looking at the world through a child’s eyes.

The title tracks encourages kids to be a superhero in their own lives and teaches kids to stand up for what’s right—both day and night. “This Is How I Do It” is a fun song that kids can follow along, learning how to step side by side, tap your toes, stretch, and clap, clap, clap.

While Laurie Berkner can rock a kids’ song, it’s really the ballads where her voice soars. In “1-2 Hands,” Berkner sings about counting your fingers, toes, hands, and more. “The Music In Me” is such a sweet song about having the music inside of you, and how joyful that can be. “Face To Face” is a darling acapella song about a parent and child facing each other and just loving each other, nose to nose and a butterfly kiss.

But by far, the standout song on the album is Berkner’s mega hit “We Are The Dinosaurs,” which has been remixed on the Superhero album. It’s got a fun dance beat that stays true to the original song but still sounds like something you’d hear in a club.

Fans young and old will love Laurie Berkner’s Superhero, which celebrates childhood, being a parent, and those precious moments that make it all worthwhile.

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