Lisa Loeb’s Nursery Rhyme Parade! Will Have You Singing Classic Songs To Your Kids

Practically every parent on the planet has sung nursery rhymes to their child. It’s a part of the job description, after all. And while every song is a stand-alone hit, you probably have put your own spin on “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “London Bridge.” And that’s exactly what singer Lisa Loeb did, too, in her latest album, Nursery Rhyme Parade! She took all the classics that we know and love and put them together in one fantastic album for parents to play for their kids.

There are 37 songs on the album, which is amazing because you might not have realized that there are so many nursery rhymes out there. From an a capella version of “ABC” to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” each song is sweeter than the next. And as you sing the songs, you might find yourself getting a little teary-eyed as those familiar waves of childhood nostalgia wash over you. “There’s a lot of satisfaction and comfort in singing along to songs you know,” said Loeb. “That’s even truer for grown-ups.” 

Loeb, whose platinum-selling hit song “Stay (I Missed You),” recorded Nursery Rhyme Parade! as an ode to her own children. “When I had my first child, I came back to the classic nursery rhymes through illustrated books, but in a lot of cases, I couldn’t remember the exact melodies,” says Loeb. “My mom would come to town and remind me of some of them, but I realized that the rhymes are so catchy this generation should remember the melodies, too.”

It’s hard to choose a favorite song or two from this album, since these are the nursery rhymes that we all grew up with, too. It’s kind of like asking you to pick your favorite child (which tends to be frowned upon). But you’ll love the entire Nursery Rhyme Parade! album. It will almost make you feel like a child again — and that’s truly a wonderful thing.

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