Old School Kids Beats by Jenni Pulos Will Have You Flipping Out

Jenni Pulos flexes her rap skills–and her funny bone–with her first CD, Old School Kids Beats. The mom-to-be and star of Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy has created a cute hip hop album for the pre-school set that parents will like too. Each song represents a daily part of kids’ lives, like “Take Your Vitamins,” “Brush Your Teeth,” and “No Fighting, No Biting.” Jenni’s husband, Dr. Jonathan Nassos, makes his musical debut on “The Doctor Says,” which tells kids to wear sunscreen and not be afraid when going to the pediatrician. Standout songs on the CD are definitely “Cell Phone 411” which talks about cell phone etiquette. “Bullies Aren’t Cool” has by far one of the best beats on the CD with an even better message. But our favorite was “Poo in the Potty” which helps frazzled parents get through one of the hardest parts of toddlerhood — potty training. It’s a fun album for kids and will have parents waxing nostalgic about old school hip hop — while their kid is pooping on the potty.

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