Paddington Gets In A Jam Is The Sweetest Show


If you’re looking to introduce your child to the theater, Paddington Gets In A Jam is the perfect show. Created and directed by Jonathan Rockefeller (who also created The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show), Paddington Gets In A Jam is a heartwarming, family-friendly show full of laughs, love, and marmalade. Lots and lots of marmalade.

The storyline for Paddington Gets In A Jam is simple enough: Paddington Bear goes to his next-door-neighbor Mr. Curry’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. But Mr. Curry has worries of his own — his Great Aunt Matilda will be visiting very soon, and he needs to tidy up his house before she arrives. He recruits the adorable bear to help him clean his place—and even put up some wallpaper, too.

But things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Before long, Paddington has demolished the delicious cake that Mr. Curry has made for his Great Aunt Matilda. He manages to vacuum up the portrait that he has painted for his prickly aunt, a lady who is very particular about the number of poppy seeds that are on her bread. Paddington causes a flood, attempts to bake a cake that seems to take on a life of its own, and Paddington becomes a sticky mess when he puts up the aforementioned wallpaper.

And when Great Aunt Matilda actually arrives, well, it’s a cute comedy of errors. But as in all things in Paddington’s world, everything turns out well in the end. Great Aunt Matilda even develops a special bond with everyone’s favorite well-meaning bear, and Mr. Curry realizes that family (and friendship) are what truly matters.

Paddington Gets In A Jam is truly a sweet show that kids of all ages will love. Toddlers will love seeing Paddington Bear on the stage, while the elementary school set will be able to enjoy the sight jokes and silly gags. And parents will laugh along when they realize how clueless Mr. Curry is (I mean, after spreading dust everywhere, it should have been obvious that enlisting a bear to do your cleaning isn’t a good idea), and they might even recognize a relative or two in the white gloves-wearing Great Aunt Matilda. Actor A.J. Ditty is superb in his role as Mr. Curry, and Jess Bulzacchelli is hilarious as the dour Great Aunt Matilda who (spoiler alert) turns out to have a heart of gold.

Paddington Gets In A Jam is currently running off Broadway at the DR2 Theatre in New York City. Take your kids to this sweet show, and be sure to stop off at a café afterwards for hot chocolate and marmalade sandwiches in honor of everyone’s favorite British bear.

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