Sitepal Can Help Set Your Business Up For (Virtual) Success

Business owners looking to bring their companies – and their bottom line – to the next level should definitely check out Sitepal. A speaking avatar platform, Sitepal allows users to custom create “virtual employees” to appear on their websites.

Says Yujin Sohn, Sitepal’s Senior Director of Marketing:

“SitePal speaking avatars add a very unique and powerful dimension to a website – they grab attention, create emotional engagement, reinforce key message and urge visitors toward actions. For years, thousands of companies and organizations have taken advantage of the SitePal technology to improve website communication and business results. Many have experienced higher user response and conversions, proving that the benefits are real and relevant to a wide range of audience.”

Sitepal offers a very user-friendly interface to customize your avatar. They range from the professional to the whimsical; there’s a red devilish ghost and a Mrs. Claus, among the large cast of characters. You can select different accessories, backgrounds, voices and even accents. With its TTS (text-to-speech) software, you can type in exactly what you’d like your avatar to say, be it a greeting or to help users navigate through your site.

And if you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like as an avatar, well, Sitepal has thought of that, too. In the AutoPhoto Store, you can upload a photo of yourself, which is then turned into an avatar in only 3 minutes ($49.50, but you can test it first for free.)

Fun and games aside, there are many proven benefits to having a Sitepal avatar on your website. “Sitepal avatars offer sophisticated business solutions such as lead collecting form, FAQ, or artificial intelligence, allowing the avatars to act like front line virtual agents/salespeople,” says Yujin. So let your avatar work for you, and watch your profits grow.

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