Actress Melissa Joan Hart Talks About Disney, Dinosaurs, And Being A Fake Fiance

We’ll admit it. We love Melissa Joan Hart. Celebrity Parents recently caught up with Melissa to chat about her “boys”, hubby Mark Wilkerson of Course of Nature, and sons Mason and Braydon (“Brady”), her big move to the East Coast, and being a Fake Fiancé.

How are Mason and Brady doing?

They are just so much fun! Mason is in pre-school and doing well. He’s funny; the things that come out of his mouth are some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Like what?

When he says the prayer at dinner, he thanks God for dinosaurs! And he’s started quoting Disney movies to me. The other day, he said to me, “I’m 16! I’m not a child anymore!” At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about but then I realized it was from The Little Mermaid. Then, he called me a “filthy street rat”, and I picked up on that right away and knew it was from Aladdin!

How are they getting along?

Mason is getting jealous of Brady always taking his toys. Brady just wants to play with Mason but he doesn’t want him around anywhere. I think once Brady is able to walk and talk more, he’ll feel more like they’re playmates. At least, I hope so!

How is the other guy in the house doing, your husband Mark?

He’s great. He’s writing music now. He wants to be more of a songwriter than a performer. Chris Daughtry picked up one of his songs, so he wants to concentrate on his writing.

I hear that you’ve got a big move coming up.

Yes, our house is on the market and we’re moving to the East Coast. It’s something Mark and I have wanted to do for a long time. It’s exciting and scary at the same time! I’ve never picked up my whole life, especially with two boys. It’s like, “What do we take? What do we leave?” We have to find a new pediatrician for the boys, schools, and I have to find a good nail salon!

All of the important things in life.


Tell me a bit about your upcoming movie.

I recently did a movie with ABC Family called My Fake Fiancé. I star with Joey Lawrence, and it airs April 19th. It’s about two people who can’t stand each other but decide to get married for the gifts! It’s a very sweet film, with a great cast and beautifully shot. It was a wonderful experience because the boys were able to come to the set every day and have lunch with me!

I also did a movie called Nine Dead, which my production company, HartBreak Films produced. It was my first time producing a feature film. We shot it on the red camera, and it was really exciting. It’s about these nine people who are all held captive with only ninety minutes to live. They have to figure out how they know each other and their connections to each other.

What was that experience like?

It was really interesting. I shot it four months after having Brady, so I was still nursing. We only had one wardrobe change, so it was an ideal movie for me to do. I would nurse Brady on set, and it worked out perfectly.

It sounds so exciting for you right now!

It is! I’m a little frazzled, especially with the move, but it’s exciting. There are lots of great projects coming up, and we’re all doing great. Can’t ask for more than that.

Photos: Courtesy of Melissa Joan Hart
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