Sundae Spa Is A Sweet Place For Your Child To Get Their Hair Styled

For a singularly sweet mani/pedi experience, take your tween to Sundae Spa. The adorable hair and nail salon is the ultimate in a pretty—and delicious—time for the family.

Started by Kim Swan, a former teacher, girls (and guys!) can get a fab haircut while learning how to make fun take-home projects, like shampoo/conditioner, body butter, lotion, bath salts, body glitter gel, roll-on perfume, and more.

But the best part of Sundae Spa is the party experience. Kids can choose from dessert-themed parties like Dessert Dig (which includes a cute party favor, a design your own dessert and either a Sundae Bath Dig Escentool Discovery and a choice of a mini mani or body glitter tattoo) all the way to Parfait Delight, which is designed for both boys and girls, with its princess or pirate themes (you can even make your own soap and have a take-home dress up outfit!).

We opted for the CupCake Cuties party, and it was ah-mazing! The girls got a manicure and learned how to make their own lip gloss. And forget about simple face painting—the girls got beautifully designed “eye kandy applications” in the forms of butterflies and fairies. No two were the same, and all were gorgeous.

After their nails were dry and their hair was adorned with tinsel, crystals and fun accessories, the girls donned costumes, and it was time to hit the runway. Using our own iPod playlist, the girls rocked the runway. They posed at the end of the runway for shots, in true supermodel fashion.

We loved the staff at Sundae Spa, who all have fun, sweet names like Cherries or M&M’s. They’re great with the kids: professional, attentive, kind and they have fun right along with them. We were in the Double Party Room, which was a perfect size for a party of ten happy tween girls. And afterwards, each girl indulged in their own special sundae.

Sundae Spa is a sweet treat for both parents and kids. The spa itself is beautifully designed, and smells absolutely edible! You’ll get a sugar rush just from being in there—and seeing how happy your kids are. Magnificent mani/pedis, heavenly haircuts, perfect tween parties—we can think of no sweeter reason to go to Sundae Spa.

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