The Rainy Day Math Game Can Help Your Preschooler Practice Their Counting Skills

Beat the boredom (and help your child score some new math skills) with the fun Rainy Day Math Game. It’s a super easy DIY project and can also boost your child’s love of math. Smaller children can also improve their scissor skills by cutting out the clouds and raindrops (see photo above).

What You’ll Need:

heavy cardstock in white (for the clouds) and blue (for the raindrops)


Simply cut out 10 clouds and label each one from 1-10.

Cut out raindrops in one color or in a variety of colors.

To Play:

Shuffle the clouds face down and have your child pick one. Ask him to name the number.

Have your child put the matching number of raindrops under each cloud.

To switch up the fun, your child can use the same colored raindrops, or have him create a pattern using two or three various types of raindrops.

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