These Are The Back-To-School Supplies You Need (Even After You’ve Bought Everything On The List)

Sure, you bought the Bounty paper towels, the No. 2 pencils, folders, and composition notebooks. But you’ll find that even with a lengthy school supply list (plus the teacher’s wish list items, too) that you’ll still need to stock up on extra items. Get your kids in the back-to-school swing of things with these items that can help start the school year successfully. Full of items that promote safety, style, STEM learning, and creative play, it just might make them ready to rock their new school year!


Hangers That Won’t Leave A Hole In The Wall


For your freshie college kid, VELCRO Brand HANGables ($3.97) are the perfect way to decorate a dorm room. Frames, photos, and other memorabilia can be easily hung without making marks on the wall. And when your child is ready to remove the family photos in favor of her newfound freshman friends, it’ll come down just as easily without blemishing the surface. And the Sew On Tape can help your kid craft a customized tote bag, pencil case, or even liven up a lunch bag. It can get them psyched for school, get creative, and wear something that reflects their own personal style.


A Crayon Melter To Put Those Broken Bits Back Together

Crayons are pretty cool on their own, but the Crayola Crayon Melter ($46.99) brings the heat to your child’s artwork — literally! Featuring a sleek compact design, the Crayon Melter provides steady low heat for continuous melting action. Simply load a crayon, plug it in, and create an amazing masterpiece that you’ll definitely want to display on the family’s fridge.


A STEM Toy That Turns Into A Bug



The 3Doodler Start Make Your Own HEXBug Kit ($99.99) already snagged a Family’s Choice Award…and with good reason. The handheld 3D printing toy is an amazing STEM toy for ages 6+, which can be used to make the creepiest, crawliest (and scientifically awesome) bugs! Use the DoodleMolds to create legs and other body parts, then doodle to attach all parts to the HEXBUG motor. (Each kit comes with three!). Then, let your newfound creation crawl around to explore its environment, build mazes for it to scurry its way through, or even race it with your friends! This set fosters learning by allowing kids to design and experiment with different robotic structures taking physics, engineering, and structural principles into play.


Tech To Keep Your Teen Safe


For teens traveling by bus and train to middle and high school, the Lotus by SEAM ($39.99) is perfect for personal safety. The unit streams real-time audio and when paired with the free app, records images and GPS location, so parents can see and hear what their kids are seeing/hearing. The Lotus can also make hands-free calls and is able to be controlled by verbal commands through Google Voice Assistant. And with its sleek design, your teen (probably) won’t put up a fight to wear it.


An Adorable Alarm Clock For Elementary School Kids


When waking up your little one to go to school is a daily struggle, the Tick Tock Turtle ($49.99) can help. It’s the only sleep trainer that uses sleep detection and light therapy to gently wake up your wee one. The cute little clock watches your child’s movements 30 minutes before your set alarm time and will then wake him up in his lightest stage of sleep. Plus, with its adorable design, your child will love to have the clock on her nightstand.


A Pencil Sharpener That Gets To The Point


If your kid is obsessed with pandas, then they’re going to love this Panda Pencil Sharpener ($25.99) from ZMOL. Your child won’t have to “eye” how much to sharpen their No. 2, since the pencil sharpener has a built-in saving feature that prevents the point from getting too sharp. All they need to do is insert the pencil into the panda’s eye (which might or might not be a fun feature) and based on the adjustable pencil point that they choose, their colored pencils will be ready for art class the next day.


Headphones That Won’t Hurt Your Child’s Ears



Of all the things that the pandemic affected, education was at the top of the list. When kids were learning remotely, parents quickly learned that a good pair of headphones was so important. The BuddyPhones School+ Headphones ($59.99) are not only pretty, but they’re practical, too. They feature three parental controlled volume limiting settings, from Toddler, Kids, and Travel Modes. The headphones also have a dual connection feature which allows them to be connected via Bluetooth or the included 3.5mm audio cable. It also has a 20-hour battery life and the headband is easily adjustable so the headphones can grow with your child.


A Lunch Box For When Your Kid Wants To Eat Their Sammy In School


Let’s say that your kiddo is a good eater but hates when their popcorn touches their pretzels. That’s when you have to break out the bento lunchbox, like this one from Crate & Kids ($29.99). You’ll find five compartments that are sized to serve up your kid’s PB&J, along with fruits and veg, and even a section designated for dessert. The removable tray is also dishwasher safe, too. And the bento lunchbox is leak-proof, so you won’t have to worry about your child’s applesauce spilling into their bookbag on the way to school.


A Water Bottle To Prevent Your Child From Getting Parched


Healthy hydration is but a sip away when your child has their H2O in this Rainbow Collapsible Folding Water Bottle ($13.99). It’s made from food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. The leakproof design stops spills and splashes in their tracks, the bottle can be folded to half its size after your child has quenched their thirst. Not only can the water bottle be used for icy cold drinks but it sport hot drinks (like hot chocolate and tea), too.


A Highlighter That Won’t Hurt Your Eyes


Sure, highlighters are supposed to draw your attention to text or an image on a page — but they can be so bright that they’re actually blinding. Protect your peepers by using these Sharpie S-Note Creative Marker Highlighters ($18.59) . They come in softer ombre shades (think pinks, blues, and purples) and have a double tip, so you won’t have to underline the text twice. And the highlighters won’t bleed so your pages will always stay pristine.


Although it’s always important to shop your child’s school supply list, you might see that it’s missing some essential items. You can add some of these products little by little to help invest in your child’s education — and make life easier for everyone.

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