Tubbubble Offers Clean Safe Fun For Bathtime — And Teaches Some STEM, Too

When bath time rolls around, safety is certainly a priority. That means ensuring that your kids don’t slip while they’re sloshing in the tub. But it also means being cautious about the potential chemicals that are in their soaps, scrubs, and shampoos. tubbubble makes bath time fun while being safe — and throws a little STEM in for good measure, too.

tubbubble is a play line that’s made with all natural ingredients. Each product has a gentle scent and offers deep moisturizing for your child’s skin. To give your kid the ultimate bath time experience, tubbubble has these great products that will keep them in the tub happily playing—and give you enough time to bathe them as well.

tubbubble Bath Volcano

Now your child can cause a big eruption in the tub with the Bath Volcano ($6.50). The bath bomb not only foams and crackles, but it then turns the water light orange, too. It’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and is made with essential oils. Since it also acts as a soap, you won’t need any other bars to bathe your kids with.

tubbubble Foaming Bath Pebbles

If your child loves chucking stones into water, he’ll love the Foaming Bath Pebbles ($7). They’re made with sea salt, cocoa butter, and safflower and jojoba oil. The pebbles turn the water purple, and also act to clean and moisturize your child. Best part: the Foaming Bath Pebbles don’t stay skin or hair, and can be rinsed with water.

tubbubble Bath Pouch

Sure, the squishy pouch is fun on its own, but the Bubble Bath Pouch ($6) turns the water light red for a rocking good time. Add extra water to create an even more bubblicious experience. Plus, the pouch can be used as a cloth to wash your baby.

No matter what product you pick, tub time will take on a whole new (and fun) meaning when you add some tubbubble into the tub time action.

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