Up To Something Good – Sunshine Collective

Be prepared to dance with your diapered little one with Up To Something Good. The irrepressibly happy second full-length release from Sunshine Collective, the CD is full of fun, happy tunes. With lyrics like, “Dreams come true… I love you,” “I Love You” is a sweet serenade for your baby. “Love is the Way” is another precious song, and singer/songwriter Stephanie Richards’ voice is perfect for these types of bubbly songs. We loved “Take Me Away” which is about remembering to stay young and connected as a couple. If you’re not already in a good mood, Up To Something Good will put you in one ASAP. “Run for the Sunshine” makes it feel like Spring all year long, and will remind you to savor the journey with your sweetie. Our fave: “The Open”, which will inspire you to meet life’s challenges and do what you love with abandon. If you need a soundtrack for your life, Up To Something Good would be the perfect one.


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