Your Dog Is *So* Excited To See You That His Heart Beats Faster, New Study Finds

Is there anything greater than the greeting you get from your dog when you come home? Even if it’s been all day (or just an hour), the wagging, wriggling, and overall cuteness that your canine shows when you’re reunited is absolutely adorbs. And now, a study has shown that your dog is so excited to see you that his heart actually beats faster.

As if all the kisses and butt wiggling weren’t enough to show you how much your pooch adores you, there’s a new study that shows how happy he is to see you. The study, conducted by Canine Cottages, surveyed some dogs over several days. Using heart rate tracking monitors hidden inside the dogs’ collars, it found that the average heart rate was 67bpm. But when the dogs’ owners told them that they loved them, their heart rate skyrocketed to 98bpm, or a 46% increase. That shows that not only do our four-legged friends

Our four-legged friends are equally as affected during other bonding moments, too. For example, when owners cuddle with their pooches, their heart rates decreased by 23% from 67bpm to 52bpm. This shows just how relaxed and comfortable they are when getting snuggle time with those who they love the most.

But heart rate aside, there are other indicators to let you know how much you mean to your dog. Here are five ways to see how your canine truly cares about you, according to veterinarian Dr. Heather Venkat, DVM, MPH, DACVPM.

They Want To Cuddle

It’s sweet when your dog wants to cuddle next to you. But beyond bonding, cuddling has a deeper meaning, according to Dr. Venkat. “If your dog curls up next to you, on your lap or at your feet, he/she is saying they want to be as close to you as possible,” she says. “Dogs will only cuddle in and lean on people they feel comfortable with, so it’s a sure sign of love.”

They’re Happy To See You

If it’s an explosion of excitement every time you walk through the front door, rest assured that your pet is super happy to see you. “When you greet your dog, they will likely wave their tail back and forth, jump and wiggle because they love you and are happy to see you,” says Dr. Venkat.

They’re Generous

Sure, bringing their ratty blanket and dropping it at your feet might not seem like it, but your dog is showing you how much you mean to her every time she does this. “Bringing you a toy is another way dogs show their love for you,” says Dr. Venkat. Of course, a quick game of tug-of-war would be nice, too.

They Go Belly Up

Another surefire sign that your pooch prizes the time you spend together is by giving you their belly to scratch. While it might seem that it benefits your dog more than you, it’s actually an action of trust. “If a dog shows his belly to you, or sleeps on his back with his chest up, that’s a sign of perfect trust and love,” says Dr. Venkat. Since it’s a vulnerable position because your dog is completely exposed, it’s even more of a sign of trust—and love.

Finding You When They’re In Pain

When your dog has an owie and needs some TLC, they’re also communicating to you how much they care about you. Says Dr. Venkat: “When our dogs come to us holding a paw up, or they feel a little under the weather so come and lie next to us with their head on our lap, it shows a great level of trust.” So make sure to shower your canine with kisses until they’re all better again.

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