Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Candy Mix Tastes Just Like A Tropical Vacay

Have you ever eaten a piece of candy and wished that you could have lasted for just a little longer? Well now it’s possible. The new Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Candy Mix will have you wondering if it’s candy, or gum—or a bit of both—as it takes your candy consumption to the next level.

Now you don’t need to book a fancy vacay to a tropical island to taste those fantastic flavors. The Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Mix comes in two new options, Tropical Smoothie and Piña Colada, and each one is absolutely delish. The Tropical Smoothie has an outer layer of passion fruit and is paired with dreamy mango on the inside. And the Piña Colada candy features coconut candy perfectly paired with pineapple.


Hi-Chew is this unique hybrid of both candy and gum, providing a chewy sensation that doesn’t get tough or, well, gummy. It maintains a smooth consistency, chew after chew. And as far as candy goes, the Hi Chew is better for you than other items you might find in the candy aisle. It’s made with fruit juice concentrate, has no synthetic colors, and has 0g trans fat per serving. It’s also a cholesterol and gluten-free food.

Available exclusively at 7-Eleven and Amazon, Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Candy Mix is a tropical delight. So if you’re in the mood for a candy that lasts longer than an Everlasting Gobstopper, the Hi-Chew Fruit Combos Candy Mix is totally it.

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