The Frozen 2 Crayola Products Offers Hours of Crafting For Your Cutie

Frozen 2 is about to be released in theaters this week, and little Anna, Elsa, and Olaf (and even Sven) fans have eagerly been awaiting this fantastically frozen moment. But what happens after the movie ends? That’s where Crayola comes in. The Frozen 2 Crayola products offer hours of crafting for your kiddos, and can keep the magic of the movie alive long after you’ve left the theater.

While they might not exactly be able to build a snowman with these sets, they can still have tons of fun creating window clings, making magical (and shimmering!) slime, and even construct a Sven (or a Fire Salamander). There are also coloring sheets that come to life (much like Olaf) when you use the special Crayola markers.

No matter which set you choose, crafting with your kiddo has never been (brrr) cooler.

Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring

Your child will have an (arctic) blast coloring scenes from Frozen 2 with the Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring set ($8). It comes with 18 coloring pages depicting scenes straight from the movie. The magical markers work only on the paper provided, and your child will love watching the movie come to life literally before her very eyes. And try as she might, the color won’t come off on skin, fabric, or even furniture. Now if they could only make this magic work on walls.

Frozen 2 Window Clings Craft Kit

Window clings are a cute craft to make during the holiday season, and the Color Changing Window Clings ($15) will keep your kiddo busy for hours. The kit comes complete with six cling molds, a cling tool, a mixing bottle, and instructions for how to make the magic happen. The best part is that the clings will change color depending on the temperature outside. The castle cling is sure to be the biggest hit from this sweet set.

Model Magic Stackers

Now your child can channel her inner artiste with the Model Magic Stackers from Crayola ($10). She simply fills the mold with the model magic material, stacks on additional designs, and then pulls the mold off to reveal her creative design. The kit allows her to make two cute characters (Sven and Fire Salamander) from the frosty film.

Frozen 2 Create & Color Art Set

If you’ve got a crafty kid, he’s going to love the Create & Color set ($17). It has everything a child would ever want: there are eight watercolors and crayons, three glitter glue tubes, eight broadline stampers, 10 coloring pages, 30 construction paper sheets, a sticker sheet he can color along with decorative ones, and a cool reusable plastic case to contain it all. When the snow glows white on the mountain tonight, you can just whip out this set for creative (and cool) fun.

Frozen 2 Ooey Gooey Fun Slime Kit

What kid doesn’t love slime? It’s gooey, it’s gross, and it’s probably right up your kid’s alley. Kids can make their own Frozen 2 Ooey Gooey DIY slime ($15) by using glue and the provided slime solution. What your kid will love is that this slime is shimmery, which just might match the swirling storm of snow outside.

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