20 Nicknames For Sons That Definitely Aren’t *Dude*

No matter how much time and energy you spend selecting your child’s name, it’s inevitable that you might not say it much after Baby is born. Why? Well, nicknames have a way of sticking, and suddenly the baby formerly known as Steven has become Pookie Bear. And that’s not a bad thing, since nicknames tend to be a term of endearment, making them (sometimes) more meaningful than your child’s given name. So whether you’re about to give birth or your son is starting to stand, you might want to skip the formality of a first name and call them something cuter instead — like these nicknames for sons.

Maybe it’s your baby’s Buddha belly that inspires the name Chunky Monkey. Or the fact that he’s the cutest kid in the Mommy & Me class that caused you to call him Cutie Patootie. Unlike a given name (which is often chosen before Baby is born), a nickname is truly inspired by your child themselves, from their physical appearance to their personality. No matter what nickname you come up with, it’s bound to become something that bonds you to your child even more.

Stuck on what to call your sweetie? When Dude just won’t do, these nicknames for sons might exactly what you’re looking for.



After spending his first few days (or weeks) in the NICU, your baby is finally ready to come home. That’s what makes Champ a good fit for your little fighter.



For the Elf-obsessed child, Buddy can’t be beat. But holiday antics aside, you might like Buddy because your son just might feel like your little buddy.



Far be it from anyone to tell you that your child is anything utter than perfection. From his cute curls to those delicious dimples, your son definitely deserves this nickname.



Bear is often a nickname that implies affection (think: a cuddly bear). It also rhymes with first names like Javier, Blair, or even Alystair, which makes it even more bear-able.



Sure, he isn’t the biggest kid at the playground, but that’s why you not-so-secretly love the nickname Squirt. Unlike other nicknames that can follow your child into adulthood, Squirt might be one that is strictly for when your son is younger.



Ever since you saw your baby on the ultrasound, you called him Bean (because, well, he looked like one). So what’s stopping you from continuing to call your kid Bean after they’re born? It can also be a nickname of a nickname, especially if you already call your kid Jellybean.



Chalk it up to all of those Dunkin runs you made when you were pregnant, but Munchkin might make sense as a nickname for your son. And he’s just as delicious as a glazed donut, too.



One glimpse of your newborn and there was no denying that he’s a chip off the old block. Or if you’re obsessed with all things Fixer Upper, you might like the name Chip, of Chip Gaines fame.



It can feel like your baby went from sitting up to racing around the room overnight. For the kiddo who can’t sit still (or loves The Incredibles) the nickname Dash is darling.


Honey Bunny

When you kiss your kid, you could swear that you can taste the sweetness. Honey Bunny is a beautiful way to celebrate your lovely boy.


Chunky Monkey

There’s nothing yummier than those 6-month-old baby rolls and folds. If you find yourself wanting to take a bite out of your baby boy, you might find yourself calling him Chunky Monkey.



You’re so full of love for your baby. Immortalize the emotion with Amorcito, which means “little love.”



Mac is one of those nicknames for sons that never goes out of style. It could it be a shortened version of your baby’s name, like Macauley, Macallister, or Mackenzie — or an ode to your son’s obsession with the movie Cars.



Bubs is one of those nicknames for boys that goes with any little guy. It’s tough and tender at the same time.



Your son is sweet and silly all at once. Goober goes well with the kid who is goofy — in a good way.



Jack is a common nickname for boys, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it for your little one.



Pulling pranks is just in your child’s nature. So call your kid Jokester — and that’s no joke.



Your son inherited your sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. For everyone who says that your child is your mini me, consider it as a cool nickname — while your kid can’t complain about it.



Maybe it’s their affinity for pounding on pots and pans, but if you’ve got a pint-size player on your hands, Rockstar makes (musical) sense.



When all you can think about is your baby, it might be best to call your baby, well, Baby.


Nicknames for sons aren’t something that you can anticipate before Baby’s arrival. But when you get to know your son — from those gorgeous gummy smiles to their affinity for apples — it might come to you. And if not, you can choose one of the nicknames above to show how much your child means to you.

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