This Back To School Pencil Manicure Is Exactly What Your Kid Needs To Start The Year Off Right

Picking out the perfect outfit is just the start to getting your child into a back-to-school mindset. But once the outfit is assembled, it doesn’t end there. You’ll need to think about other accessories, such as backpacks and sweet school supplies. Thing is, if you’re not mindful of the importance of a fresh mani, you’re missing out on an opportunity for some scholarly success — and style. And this back-to-school pencil manicure can help your child nail the start of the school year.

The idea behind the back-to-school pencil manicure is that it mirrors the look and detail of a traditional No. 2 pencil. Luckily, it only requires three different colors (yellow, pink, and silver) to create a polished look — literally. It does require a steady hand, since you’ll be creating three bands of color on each nail. While you could apply three separate coats, you’ll need to wait for each one to dry, which can take too long, especially for younger kids who might lack the patience…and potentially smear the polish.

To begin the back-to-school pencil manicure, you should start from the top of the nail and work towards the tip. For the yellow nail polish, we love this OPI Nail Lacquer shade, which works as the base of the pencil color. Apply two coats, reaching about halfway down the nail, and let set. Once the nail polish starts to dry, apply two coats of silver nail polish that are about half the width of your yellow nail polish band. This No Place Like Chrome silver nail polish from Essie offers some shimmer, which will mimic the shininess of the metallic top of a No. 2 pencil.

And finally, you’re going to need a pink polish to look like an eraser. There are tons of pink shades to pick from, but you’ll want to find one that has an eraser-esque appearance. The It’s A Girl shade from OPI matches pretty well, and can be used well beyond your back-to-school pencil manicure, too. Add two coats to the tip of your nail. Let the nails dry and then add a top coat to get the longest life out of the manicure.

Having pretty polished nails can put anyone (especially your child) in an awesome mood. That way, they’ll be ready to slay their back-to-school look with nails that will take them to the head of the class.


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