6 Tips for Dressing Your Postpartum Body

If you thought that you could slip back into your skinny jeans right after delivering your delicious little baby, think again. After all, it took your body nine months to make your baby. It could take just as long (if not longer) to get your pre-baby bod back. Catenya McHenry, a TV host and restyle expert, offers her 6 tips for dressing your postpartum body—and staying stylish, too.

“It’s important during pregnancy to think about buying transitional pieces that can be restyled and re-worn after baby,” says McHenry. “Maternity clothes are roomy but after the baby is born, it could be more difficult to incorporate them back into your everyday wardrobe.” McHenry didn’t buy maternity clothes but opted instead to buy regular clothes in larger sizes. “They fit better and I was able to restyle and re-wear them for a short time after each baby.”

Here are 6 basic postpartum must-haves that can help you dress your postpartum body:


Accessories make all the difference. When it comes to tops and finding the right fit, accessories, like a belt and statement necklace, can help create a stunning silhouette.  You may feel like you no longer have a waist, but tossing on a thick belt will give you a more defined waistline. Statement necklaces draw the eye upward so there’s less attention on your belly.


A cardigan is another must-have. It can also be worn as an accessory tied around your waist or tossed over your shoulders. You can also accessorize a cardigan by looping a belt around it. It can be restyled and paired with any of the following pieces.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are incredibly comfortable and feminine. The cotton blend spandex fabric is forgiving and they are amazingly versatile. They can be styled with a blazer and wedges or a cardigan, denim jacket or vest and worn with sneakers. I love Tees by Tina. Their fabric fits to your own body curves and doesn’t hug your belly or areas you’re not quite confident about yet.

Wrap Dresses

Diane Von Furstenberg is iconic for wrap dresses, and rightly so. Wrap dresses are sophisticated staple pieces that are also versatile and transitional. The wonderful secret about wrap dresses is that they trick the eye. The wrap creates an illusion at your mid-section, slenderizing your belly. Just like maxis, wraps are comfortable, the fabric is soft and not constricting. If you’re nursing, a wrap dress also leaves room for the occasional boob inflation and easy access when the baby needs to eat.

Oversized Oxford Shirt

An Oversized Oxford Shirt is another must-have! A crisp white shirt is perfect for styling untucked over a pair of denims even your maternity denims, especially if they’re low rise denims. Opt for an oxford with a cotton/spandex blend that’s more fitted in the waist. Oxford shirts can also be styled with a pencil skirt and wedges or with a strappy, gladiator heel to elongate your legs, making you look taller. A long lean line is slenderizing! Also, standing up the shirt’s collar is chic. Once you start dropping the baby weight, you can tuck in the shirt and style it with anything already in your wardrobe, a cardigan, denim. You can even tie to shirt in front for a more casual look. Lands End, J. Crew and Banana Republic each have awesome solids prints, and patterns.

Drawstring/Lounge Pants

Drawstring or lounge pants are wonderful for weekending on a baby stroll. The adjustable drawstring isn’t tight around your still-recuperating midsection but holds you in just enough so you won’t feel flabby. Paired with a tee and denim jacket for a coffee date or with a blazer, printed blouse and heels for a work-related meeting, drawstring or lounge pants are fuss-free staples.

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