Behind the Scenes with Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner Jennifer Parris

I’m not going to lie. I love Laurie Berkner. I can sing all of her songs just as well as (or sometimes better than) my own kids. Laurie is one of those children’s singers who just gets kids. She writes songs that they’ll love and that parents like myself find absolutely adorable, too.

So it was an absolute thrill to get to meet Laurie for her cover shoot. She was kind, gentle, everything that you see on TV and hear in her songs, and so much more. After we finished shooting in her NYC apartment, we did the interview for her cover story, where she gave some of the most honest answers that I’ve heard in a long time.

But I have to admit; I had a hidden agenda. Since both of my kids were in school taking state tests, they couldn’t come to the photo shoot. I was hoping, just hoping, that Laurie would do a cute little greeting for them, and I could video it for them to see later after they got home from school. Then, Laurie asked me, “Which songs do they like?” and I told her. So she got out her guitar, and dedicated the two songs to them and sang them, just for my kids. And not just a few lines from the songs, either. She sang the entire two songs, while I videotaped her and, yes, cried a little, too.

It’s truly moments like that that make Celebrity Parents so incredibly special to me. We hope that you enjoy Laurie’s cover story, and find her just as special as we do.

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