How To Wear A Tutu…Without Looking Like You’re Two Years-Old

Maybe it’s because you’re seeing your own child twirling around in their tutu that makes you long for the days when you wore one without abandon. But tutus aren’t exactly the obvious choice for a busy mom to wear. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear one. Learning how to wear a tutu can make you stylish without looking silly.

There’s definitely an art to wearing a tutu. So if you want to have your Carrie Bradshaw moment, you need to figure out how to rock your frock. “As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I see way too many women take themselves too seriously,” says Jamie Taylor. “It hinders their uniqueness, their personal style and overall their fun.”

One of the keys is knowing when to wear a tutu. If you’re headed into a business meeting, you might want to trade the tulle for something more appropriate for the occasion. “It’s definitely not inappropriate, depending on the setting,” says Taylor. “Is it your daughter’s 1st birthday and Mama wants to rock a Tutu for a matching photo smash? I say, forget the rules and wear the tutu.”

And while wearing rows and rows of ruffles might seem like the only way to do a tutu, you might want to modify it a bit, advises Kim Hancher, a style coach. “There are lots of tulle skirts that are longer and more age appropriate,” she says. “Midi length skirts are ideal.” If you opt for a short tutu, you could be running the risk of looking too juvenile, Shameeca Funderburk, a fashion stylist on Poshmark says. “I really think the length will help ensure that you look chic and not too young. Try pairing your tutu with a cute graphic tee, or even a jean jacket or faux leather jacket.”

There’s also the issue of exposure, so make sure that your tutu isn’t too too revealing, warns Cassie Wanda, a costume and bridal gown designer. “Tutus are fun to move in, make for dynamic photos, and are fun and feminine!” she says. “Wear them with confidence and maybe be aware of your modesty if it’s translucent.” You can always add a lining or use shapewear underneath to prevent anyone from seeing your undies.

Of course, you’ll also need to figure out what you want the focus of your outfit to be. While a tutu definitely commands attention, picking the right accessories will ensure that your outfit looks chic. “To make the skirt the star of your outfit, pick a vibrant color, or one that has embellishments,” advises Hancher. “Make sure what you wear on top is close fitting and basic, and doesn’t have flash.” And for the upcoming holiday season, Hancher recommends pairing a tulle skirt with a sweater for a monochromatic look.

So if you want to try wearing a tutu, you absolutely can, no matter how old you are. With the right accessories and styling, you can totally wear a tutu—and look fabulous while doing so.

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