Plan D by Sherri Shepherd

“Diabetes could have killed me,” reflects Sherri Shepherd, mother to 8 year old son and Emmy Award-winning co-host of The View. “Instead,” she attests, “it saved my life.” In her new book, PLAN D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It), Sherri reveals how Type 2 diabetes—the same “rotten and dangerous” disease that killed her mother, forced her to radically change her ways and opened the door to abundant blessings.

In PLAN D, Sherri tells the story of her ups and downs with diabetes, with honesty and her celebrated humor. What’s more, she shares the sensible, flexible program that has worked for her with everyone determined to avoid diabetes or struggling to keep their diabetes under control. That’s a huge audience. As Sherri notes in her book: Nearly one third of Americans are pre-diabetic, yet 90 percent are unaware of their high risk for developing this incurable disease.   25 million Americans—roughly 8 percent of the nation’s population—have Type 2 diabetes.

While there may not be a cure, Type 2 diabetes can be managed, sometimes even stopped in its tracks, and prevented. PLAN D can make a remarkable, life-saving difference. With Sherri Shepherd as their trusted advisor, personal coach, and supportive companion, readers will learn:

• What they need to know about diabetes—the facts on insulin resistance, glucose, risk factors, diagnostic tests, treatments, and more—in clear, jargon-free English

·         • How to change the way they eat in simple ways and develop a taste for a low-glycemic, high-fiber diet full of non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats

·         • Realistic and really fun ways to make exercise a part of their daily life—without having to join a gym or stick to a rigid regimen

·         • How to renovate their relationship with food and enjoy eating—with room for occasional indulgences—guilt free

·         • Strategies for getting started (“Do It Scared,” to quote one of Sherri’s mantras), staying motivated, and practicing self-forgiveness when they slip up

Down-to-earth, easily adaptable, and complete with a week’s worth of sample meals and exercises, Sherri-style, PLAN D is an inviting guide to a full and flavorful life for anyone seeking advice on tackling America’s greatest health threat, diabetes.

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